Gregory Harrison Visits ‘New York’ Tonight

CSI Files previously reported that Gregory Harrison would have a guest-starring role on CSI: New York. The actor is in tonight’s episode, “Out of the Sky”, and he’s going to stand off against leading man Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor). (Spoilers after the jump!)

Harrison plays a high-priced defense attorney named Roland Carson. Carson becomes part of an active investigation after people break into his apartment and steal something from his safe—killing one of his clients in the process. “He is a defense attorney who has been so successful that he’s the go-to man, the big-shot lawyer for big-budget criminals,” Harrison explained to Fancast. “And he’s been successful often enough that the CSI team is not particularly thrilled to help him when he’s been burglarized.”

Carson is in major trouble when the CSIs come calling. The burglars didn’t break in to steal cash or a TV. “[H]e’s been burglarized in a way that is particularly worrisome to him because he was holding some high-value, black market possessions for the [sordid] kind of people he represents,” Harrison revealed. “If the CSI team doesn’t find [what was stolen], he’s very worried about his ability to survive, so he needs them—and yet he’s not particularly forthcoming. There’s only a limited amount of information he can give about what was in the safe, who it belonged to, where it originated from…. Plus, one of his clients—a renowned crook—is killed during this robbery, so there’s a murder investigation going on as well.”

Harrison worked primarily with Gary Sinise. “Most of our scenes are big standoffs,” the actor said. “We each throw blows, and there is no winner. They were fun scenes to play.”

The full interview is from Fancast.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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