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Get An Exclusive Sneak Peek At Zuiker’s ‘Dark Prophecy’

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Anthony E. Zuiker’s Dark Prophecy, the second book to feature Steve Dark, a skilled forensicist who hunts the most dangerous types of serial killers, hits stores on October 14th, but you can get an introduction to Dark’s chilling nemesis, The Tarot Card Killer, here, as well as read a brief exclusive excerpt from the book. First, a word from the killer:

Hello from the gutters of AMERICA which are filled with the blood, sweat and tears of its loyal citizens. Hello from the cracks in the sidewalks of AMERICA and from the ants that dwell in these cracks and feed in the dried up dreams that have settled into them.

It is now clear that Capitalism and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling; have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread suffering. We want a revolution to overthrow, not Governments, but the economic basis of our society—The Capitalist System.

You have in your possession the 5IVE of PENTACLES. It is one of 10 cards that I have sent to others. Your comrades in the coming revolution. Find them and share your information.

Yours, TCK

And below is an exclusive brief except from Dark Prophecy:

39.745833, -75.546667


Too much, too little. That was _____________’s life.

Like tonight—a unit of sick kids filled to capacity, and three of her nurses calling out sick. If it were up to ____________ she’d fire them all. This wasn’t the first time. But there was still a severe nursing shortage, and replacing these three meant __________ might be stuck with three newbies with poorer training and an even bigger sense of entitlement. That was the real problem: the next generation, the twenty-somethings. Indulged by their parents, given nothing but treats and straight A’s despite their actual performance, and with this strange idea in their heads that they should all be paid outrageous salaries for barely adequate work. Worse yet, they would hold out for better paying positions, even if it meant not working for six months to a year. Why not? Mom and Dad would still take care of them at home.

__________ knew the story firsthand—her own daughter was a nurse. She hadn’t worked in a year.

Check out this page for a clue as to where this passage is set, and let us know: do you think the mystery character is a witness, a potential victim… or the killer? Log in or register at TalkCSI to post your thoughts! You can pre-order Dark Prophecy at Level26.com, and can also get a glimpse of one of the cyberbridges here. Check back soon for a CSI Files exclusive interview with Zuiker about Dark Prophecy, his return to¬†CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Sqweegel’s appearance on CSI the day Dark Prophecy hits stores!

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