Buckley Joins The Fight To End Child Sexual Exploitation

AJ Buckley (CSI: New York’s Adam Ross) is one of several Canadian celebrities taking part in the new Man to Man campaign of public service announcements from Beyond Borders. The videos urge men in Canada and around the world to “man up” and stop the demand for child sexual exploitation. (More details and videos can be found after the jump. Please be aware that the subject matter may be triggering for some individuals.)

According to Beyond Borders, men account for 90% of the people charged with exploiting children for sex. The campaign states that if there is no demand, there will be no victims. “Men who seek sex with children and youth may think they aren’t doing any real harm,” Buckley said. “The reality is that without treatment, many children and youth who have experienced sexual victimization go on to achieve less in school, have relationship difficulties and are more likely to struggle with an addiction. Their lives are never the same. We need to stop the abuse.”

You can find Buckley’s video spots embedded below:

Source: Newswire

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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