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‘Blood Moon’, ‘Damned If You Do’ & ‘Sudden Death’ Official Details

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The franchise airs three new episodes this week featuring mythical creatures, a son accused of killing his parents and a murder at an exclusive club. Official plot details and cast lists after the jump.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation starts out the week on Thursday at 9:00pm ET/PT with “Blood Moon”, which offers a setting of mythical proportions:

A vampire and werewolf convention is at the heart of a murder investigation in Las Vegas.

This is the eighth time Brad Tanenbaum has directed an episode of CSI. His most recent credit was for last season’s “Field Mice”. Writing duo Treena Hancock and Melissa R Byer penned “Blood Moon”, which marks their first time writing for the series.

The following guest stars will appear in the episode:

  • Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle
  • Thad Luckinbill as Michael Wilson
  • Michael Graziadei as Kurt Francis
  • Andy Dick as Armory Dealer
  • Alex Carter as Detective Vartann
  • Laura Breckenridge as Julie Crenshaw
  • Maxton Beesley as Thomas Stewart
  • Arjay Smith as Ethan
  • Dawson Zuiker as Dawson
  • Cristen Coppen as Waitress

Jorja Fox and Alex Carter are reprising established roles. “Blood Moon” marks the network television debut of CSI creator Anthony Zuiker’s son Dawson. Thad Luckinbill has appeared on CSI (“Bang-Bang”), CSI: Miami (“Miami, We Have A Problem”) and CSI: New York (“Pay Up”). Michael Graziadei was in the New York episode “Sanguine Love” last season. Arjay Smith appeared in “Point of Impact” during season eight of Miami. The other actors are new to the franchise.

On Friday, CSI: New York searches for the truth in “Damned If You Do” at 9:00pm ET/PT:

When a married couple is found beaten in their home, a mother identifies her son as the killer and the CSIs believe they have their suspect, but all is not what it seems when another witness comes forward.

(Edited to change director information 10/25.) Christine Moore directed eight previous episodes of CSI: NY, most recently last season’s “Criminal Justice”. “Unfriendly Chat” was the most recent writing credit for co-executive producer Trey Callaway, who has 11 scripts under his belt.

“Damned If You Do” will feature the following actors and actresses in guest-starring roles:

  • Stacy Edwards as Grace Travers
  • Taylor Handley as Billy Travers
  • Alex Solowitz as Owen Hicks
  • Mary Chris Wall as Nina Benson
  • Crystal Reed as Jules Roday
  • Chad Michael Collins as Officer Giles
  • Brian Guest as Paul Benson
  • Deji LaRay as Officer Campbell
  • Marcos De La Cruz as Manny Ravrara
  • Jonathan Goldstein as Steven Benson

Stacy Edwards has previously appeared on New York (“Tanglewood”) and CSI (“Feeling the Heat”). Taylor Handley guest-starred on CSI (“Let the Seller Beware”) and Miami (“Born to Kill”). Alex Solowitz has also appeared on Miami (“Resurrection”) and CSI (“Let it Bleed”). Crystal Reed was in the CSI episode “Lost & Found” during the show’s tenth season.

CSI: Miami will air “Sudden Death” on Sunday at 10:00pm ET/PT, and the team will look for their killer among Miami’s elite:

When a bottle girl is murdered at an exclusive club, Horatio must search through Miami’s most elite guest list to find her killer.

Matt Earl Beesley directed 12 previous episodes of Miami, including last season’s “Meltdown”. Corey Evett and Matt Partney have 12 writing credits for the series, most recently for the penultimate episode of season eight, “Time Bomb”.

The episode will feature the following guest stars:

  • Wes Ramsey as Dave Benton
  • Christopher Redman as Michael Travers
  • Amy Laughlin as Erika Sikes
  • Nicole Taylor as Kristen Banks
  • Zane Holtz as Brady Jensen
  • James Frain as Richard Ellison
  • Nadine Velazquez as Sara Walker
  • Glenn Fitzgerald as Chip Ford
  • Krystal Harris as Club Girl
  • Peta Wilson as Amanda Calaveras
  • Meta Golding as Dr Victoria Mercier
  • Al Carabello as Bus Boy

Wes Ramsey and Christopher Redman are reprising established recurring roles. Amy Laughlin was last seen as Erika Sikes in the season five episode “Darkroom”. This is Meta Golding’s first appearance as Dr Victoria Mercier. She previously played Warrick’s wife Tina on CSI, who was last seen in “For Warrick”. Nicole Taylor appeared in the CSI: NY episode “Flag on the Play” last season. Nadine Velazquez also guest-starred on New York last season in “Dead Reckoning”. Zane Holtz was in “Overload” during CSI’s second season, and James Frain was in the season ten episode “Sin City Blue”.

“Blood Moon”, “Damned If You Do” and “Sudden Death” begin airing October 7 on CBS.

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