June 14 2024

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Procter: I’m So Thankful

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CSI Files previously reported that Emily Procter (CSI: Miami’s Calleigh Duquesne) is expecting her first child with musician Paul Bryan later this year. The actress is grateful for the experience, but she’s sad that it will be over soon.

As Procter approaches her due date, she can feel the baby becoming more active. “It’s really fun at night, because I can see the baby kicking,” the actress told People. “I can feel the knee or the foot. The baby is starting to get heavy, and it’s a really incredible feeling. I’m so grateful I get to experience this.”

With only a few months left to go, Procter gets emotional when she thinks about the baby being born. “I started crying the other day just thinking that the baby is going to leave me soon!” she shared. “You have this relationship with this person in your belly and it’s really amazing.”

The couple has decided to keep the baby’s sex a secret for now. “We’re naming it after one of my grandparents,” Procter revealed. The nursery is not ready yet, but they’re decorating it in a soothing, gender neutral palette of greens.

Procter is trying not to get nervous about the birth, and she hasn’t finalized any plans yet. “I was leaving work the other day and as I was saying goodbye to [CSI: Miami costar] Eva La Rue (Natalia Boa Vista), she said, ‘Emily, you’re having a baby!’ And all of a sudden it hit me and yes, I got nervous!” Procter said. “So I went home and signed up for CPR! But I try not to get stressed about it. I’m probably going to have this experience only once, so I’m just so thankful.”

Source: People.com

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