February 25 2024

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Buckley Shines A ‘Light In The Darkness’ On ‘New York’

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AJ Buckley (Adam Ross) joined the cast of CSI: New York during the show’s second season “as sort of the light in the darkness,” the actor told Metro News. He added, “Whenever there’s a heavy bit, I show up to crack a joke.” A lot of the humor his character brings to the series comes from the way he delivers his lines. “Sometimes the comedy is just in the scientific jargon,” Buckley explained. “Make it funny they say. And I’m like—just how do you do that? I read them and think—what the hell am I saying?”

At the start of season six, Buckley’s character had a one-episode relationship with Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes). The actress decided not to come back to New York this season, and CBS hired Sela Ward (Jo Danville) to take her place in the cast. “You sleep with me, you leave the show,” Buckley teased. “Naww, it was sad to see Melina go. But Sela Ward brings an incredible new dynamic.”

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