July 19 2024

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Mendelsohn Shares Details About Vassey’s Exit

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As CSI Files previously reported, Liz Vassey (Wendy Simms) will be leaving CSI: Crime Scene Investigation because her contract option was not picked up for another season. Showrunner Carol Mendelsohn offered a teaser about how the show will explain the character’s exit and what it means for Wendy’s coworker and love interest David Hodges (Wallace Langham). (Spoilers after the jump!)

Despite the fact that Wendy is leaving, Hodges won’t be going anywhere. “We’re focusing primarily on the core team this season, and I want to bring Hodges more into that core group,” Mendelsohn told Entertainment Weekly. She added that Vassey will return for the second episode of the season, which will wrap up her character’s storyline. “I think fans will be satisfied,” Mendelsohn explained. “She will be able to say goodbye to Hodges, and Hodges will take his anger and heartbreak out on a fellow tech.”

Source: Ask Ausiello

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