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Federman Reveals Details About Calleigh’s Wardrobe

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CSI: Miami‘s costume designer Andrea Federman offered some behind-the-scenes information about the wardrobe for Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter).

Federman tends to dress Calleigh in high-end Italian and French designer labels on Miami, including suits from Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. She also wears shoes by YSL and Dior, and the costume designer opts for shoes with a lower heel when the character will be chasing suspects. Federman said Procter looks good in jewel tones, but the character’s wardrobe is influenced by the colors that are used in an individual episode.

Black and white are part of the wardrobe in every episode, but they’re just the beginning. “In our show, each episode has its own color palette,” Federman explained to Watch Magazine. “Once I read the script I’ll figure out how many men are in it, how many women, and what the action is. Usually when there are a lot of men, we use blue and green, and we’ll also pull in yellow and orange.”

“[R]eal crime investigators do not wear skirts. They wear pants,” the designer added. For that reason, Calleigh wears pants—but the designer makes sure to give her wardrobe a feminine twist. Calleigh will wear a suit, but “we’ll soften it up with a white shirt and put something dainty on her, like a pair of earrings or little necklace, that would make her still have that femininity about her,” Federman said.

Source: CBS Watch Magazine via Twitter

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