Guillory Is The New BABE On ‘CSI’

Actress Sienna Guillory has been cast as the new lab tech joining the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation team this fall. (Minor spoilers after the jump!)

Guillory will play BABE Kacey Monohan—that stands for Ballistics, Arson, Bombs and Explosives technician. “We have just started shooting and the atmosphere is electric,” the actress told Express. “They told me they were going to transform me, so I was hoping for something wacky, like a squirrel tail or maybe a beard.” She added, “It’s just a new hairdo, but I suggest everyone holds on to their haircuts because my character is going to blow fans away, literally. She’s the team’s first full-time bomb tech and the action scenes will be explosive in every sense.”

“I jumped at the chance to work alongside producer Jerry Bruckheimer, ­Laurence [Fishburne, Dr Ray Langston] and the rest of the cast,” Guillory continued. “It’s a dream come true and the only thing that will top this is if they decide to mould a new spin-off show around me. They’d have to call that CSI: Kettering, though, so it might be a stretch.”


Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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