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CSI: Miami faces betrayal from one of their own in tonight’s episode, “Time Bomb”. (Embedded video with spoilers after the jump!)

At the end of the previous episode, “Mommie Deadest”, a bomb killed State Attorney Rebecca Nevins (Christina Chang). The murder was related to Eric Delko’s (Adam Rodriguez) ongoing investigation into the lab. “It appears that someone is stealing evidence and this has gone back a couple of years,” David Caruso (Horatio Caine) explained to Entertainment Tonight. “As we get closer to the truth, we realize it is someone who is among us that is behind this series of crimes.”

Horatio is upset to discover that his old colleague John “Sully” Sullivan (Brad Leland) is involved in the crimes. There is a shootout in the episode, and Sully gets injured. “It is really painful. It is one of those moments you can’t imagine happening. I have no other choice but to bring him in,” Caruso revealed. “Thank God he survives the gunshot wound. We have a sequence where he is being loaded onto the ambulance. Eric Delko comes in and gets the story back on track. I think it is appropriate that Eric is there because he is family and Sully is family.”

Eric is not just part of Horatio’s CSI family—he was also Horatio’s brother-in-law when the leading man was married to Eric’s sister, Marisol (Alana De La Garza, “One of Our Own”). Marisol was killed by the Mala Noche gang, but Horatio and Eric remain close. As CSI Files previously reported, Rodriguez will be back on Miami full time next season—and Caruso couldn’t be more pleased. “There is also another bonding there,” the actor said. “We took a trip to Brazil and we were involved in an incident there that keeps us close. I feel the show comes together around this partnership, so it is essential that [Adam] is back.”

You can find a video featuring a glimpse behind the scenes of “Time Bomb” below:

Source: ET Onlinevia 13WHAM.com

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