February 27 2024

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Sinise: There’s Some Unfinished Business

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Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) is reunited with an old flame in tonight’s episode of CSI: New York, “Point of View”. (Spoilers after the jump!)

Mac’s ex-girlfriend Peyton Driscoll (Claire Forlani) returns tonight when her friend (played by Gale Harold) becomes the suspect in a murder investigation. Mac is surprised to see her—last time he heard from her in season four’s “Time’s Up”, she chose to stay in London. “As far as Mac knows, that’s where she is, and out of the blue, he spots her,” Sinise told TVGuide.com. “He’s shocked and surprised by it. She made the choice to end the relationship—it was never something he wanted to do. I think he was a bit stunned by that, and there was never any real closure or resolution. So when he runs into her, there’s some unfinished business.”

“Peyton’s really happy to see [Mac], and it’s a fond memory for him,” executive producer Pam Veasey said. “It was a great relationship, and anything can happen when those feelings are sort of stirred again.” However, Mac recently contemplated starting a relationship with Aubrey Hunter (M├Ądchen Amick), which puts him in a difficult position. As CSI Files previously reported, Mac will be torn between the two women as season six ends.

However, any relationship drama will have to take a back seat to the investigation in “Point of View”. Mac sees Harold’s character engaged in some suspicious behavior from the window of his apartment while he is stuck at home recovering from injuries. “He can’t ignore what he sees, and there are some surprises,” Sinise explained. “She’s caught in the middle of him and the case, and I think she’s as surprised by what happens—and what he reveals is happening around her—as he is.”

The love triangle will be resolved when season seven begins. “It will be answered in some form [next season], and we don’t know what that is yet,” Veasey revealed. “We like both Peyton and Aubrey, but at this point, all we know is that Mac is in a great place to have a relationship with someone.”

Sinise enjoys storylines that let his character do more than solve crime. “I like when we have guest stars on the show. They give me an opportunity to work on a level that I don’t get to work on often,” the actor said. “Our show is driven by the murder, and that’s always going to be the focus because our show is a forensics whodunit. But exploring the characters and what’s going on personally is always interesting to all of us.”

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