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Interview: Marc Dube and Barry O’Brien

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The CSI: Miami co-executive producers preview the end of the show’s eighth season and look ahead to its ninth. Spoilers inside!

CSI: Miami has had a whirlwind year, with the introduction of three new characters and the return of Adam Rodriguez‘s Eric Delko. As the show rushes towards a big cliffhanger finale, Co-Executive Producers Marc Dube and Barry O’Brien offer a preview of what’s to come in the final episodes of season eight, as well as a glimpse of season nine, which promises the return of a reviled nemesis and a love interest for one of the characters! Spoilers ahead…

CSI Files: The last four episodes of the season sound pretty action-packed. Can you preview them?

Marc Dube: I love the variety of these episodes coming up. Each has a very distinct feel and tone. There’s pulse-pounding action as well as heartwarming performances. From the high speed causeway chase of May 3rd’s “Meltdown” to David Caruso’s gut-wrenching performance in May 10th’s “Mommie Deadest” in which a suburban family is thrown into upheaval by the death of an overbearing mother. In May 17th’s “Time Bomb”, Delko’s investigative probe leads to a desperate cover-up act and the death of a city official. The jeopardy of these final four episodes will force Delko to do some soul searching and eventually return to help his fallen comrades. The finale, airing May 24th, “All Fall Down” reveals the most intelligent pathological killer our CSI’s have ever faced. Our CSIs are trained to solve a murder after it’s happened, but in the finale – each victim’s life depends on our CSIs’ ability to decipher clues that have arrived at the lab like deadly breadcrumbs. That very ability or inability to understand a riddle or solve a puzzle can save a life or seal a fate. Horatio realizes his nemesis is in a different league when he receives a clue that says his entire lab is going down next. “All Fall Down” will, without a doubt, leave you wondering who gets up next season.

CSI Files: Horatio is going to be facing a personal betrayal. How will this affect him?

Barry O’Brien: Yes, Horatio Caine does face a personal betrayal in episode 823 that goes right to his soul as a law enforcement officer. Horatio is the keeper of the flame. He is in a neverending fight for justice — a character with, truly the highest ethical standard as a police officer. The source of this betrayal, the last person you’d expect… let’s just say it rocks Horatio’s faith in his team. Everyone’s integrity is called into question. Everyone’s. And, when the betrayal is revealed, it has a galvanizing effect. The team that remains will be stronger than ever!

CSI Files: Adam Rodriguez is going to be rejoining the show full time next season. Can you hint at how he’ll be reintegrated into the team?

Dube: Eric Delko returns to CSI:Miami in May, but when valuable evidence disappears from the lab and suspicions flare, we begin to realize that Delko is now answering to a different master. When deep-seeded corruption within the department is exposed, Delko is saddled with the unenviable task of investigating Horatio’s team. Nobody’s immune to the in-house finger-pointing. This group has learned to trust each other with their lives, so when Delko presses for the ugly truth, it’s fascinating to watch these very careers, reputations, and friendships pushed to the brink. Not to mention how it strains his promising relationship with Calleigh! Detectives from Horatio’s past surface in the turbulent Miami-Dade witch hunt, culminating in a shocking takedown of a key, enduring member of the CSI:Miami family.

CSI Files: With Adam returning, will another member of the cast not be back next year?

Dube: One never knows. We write these cliffhangers to generate speculation over the summer. All the more reason to check back with us in September.

CSI Files: Ryan is going to land in hot water when he’s suspected of stealing valuable evidence from an evidence locker. Why is Ryan the go-to guy on the show for ethically questionable situations?

Dube: Ryan has often been pegged with much of the wrongdoing over the years. Why? Jonathan Togo plays it well. He’s the every man struggling through every significant life decision like the rest of us. Does he make the right choices? Quite often, no. But those miscalculations create great television and make Ryan Wolfe all the more endearing when he’s finally able to right the wrong.

CSI Files: Rumor has it Walter has a secret! Can you hint at what that is?

O’Brien: Omar Benson Miller has been a fabulous addition to our cast. We knew Omar was a big talent, what we didn’t know is how perfectly those talents would fit into our series. Omar took the character of Walter Simmons from the background right into the forefront of our story telling. Walter definitely has a powerful secret. He has a rich and complex past. The only hint I can give is that when light is shed into Walter’s background, we will understand why he has dedicated his life to police work. We will be delving into all of that from the very first episode of season nine. Look for big things, big story reveals, compelling story arcs from Walter Simmons in season nine and beyond!

CSI Files: Will Natalia’s hearing problems be revisited? What’s coming up for her?

Dube: Natalia’s hearing aid indirectly becomes a major component in exposing Delko’s covert investigation, and it winds up being the root of a growing conflict between our CSI’s.

CSI Files: Will Tony Enright be back before the season ends?

O’Brien: Tony Enright, Jesse Cardoza’s nemesis, is in a world of legal hurt. He’s facing murder and conspiracy charges, fighting for his life and his freedom. That fight will tie him up through the end of season eight. But, look for Tony to make bail and regain his freedom early in season nine. He will re-ignite his ongoing and deadly battle with Jesse. This is a dual that will have a decidedly shocking conclusion.

CSI Files: Jesse is convinced Enright killed his wife. Will we find out more about Mrs. Cardoza, and the circumstances surrounding her death?

O’Brien: Yes, we will finally learn the truth about Jesse’s wife’s murder. I can’t reveal the answer to that question without giving away the story. Suffice to say the murderer is not at all who we expect. When the truth about his wife’s murder is revealed, it will truly shock Jesse. It will give the audience an invitation to what’s behind his stoic exterior. Jesse’s struggle to deal with the events that led to his wife’s death will greatly humanize his character. Eddie Cibrian is a highly skilled and disciplined actor. In season nine, we’ll be peeling the onion, so to speak, and learn what’s behind his interpretation of the character. Jesse Cardoza is a man in pain. And we will come to know that pain far more intimately in season nine.

CSI Files: Will we see Kyle Harmon again this season?

Dube: I enjoyed our time with Kyle Harmon this year. He always brings out the best in Horatio. I can’t imagine we’ve seen the last of him. There’s always Season 9.

CSI Files: Will Christian Clemenson‘s quirky coroner be back next season?

O’Brien: It’s with huge pleasure that I tell you that Christian Clemson will be back in every episode of season nine! Christian’s portrayal of the quirky Tom Loman has been a revelation! Forgive the pun, but Christian has brought new life to the autopsy theater! Christian is a real gift to the writers. He can take what appears to be an ordinary line of dialogue and give it nuance, spin and complexity that we writers never imagined! He makes us look good! We will be spending more time getting to know Tom Loman next season. Learnng what’s behind his dedication as a pathologist. Taking a peek at what he does when he’s not working. An extremely quirky hobby or two may be revealed. And, can you say love interest?

CSI Files: Can you tell us about the finale cliffhanger?

O’Brien: I can honestly tell you that the cliffhanger at the end of season eight is, by far, the most shocking, high octane and jaw dropping that I’ve ever seen! All I can tell you as of this writing, is that no one is safe. No one. Every single one of our characters finds themselves in in a life and death struggle for their very survival at the conclusion of season eight. Metaphorically and physically, “they all fall down.” And, not every one will get up. No one is safe. Stay tuned!

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