Hall Visits ‘The Grand Ole Opry’

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s resident medical examiner Robert David hall (Dr Al Robbins) will perform for The Grand Old Opry this summer after his debut CD is released.

Things They Don't Teach You In SchoolCSI Files previously reported that Hall’s CD would hit stores on June 1. Of the twelve tracks on Things They Don’t Teach You In School, the actor wrote seven of the songs and co-wrote two more. “I’ve been a musician all my life, and it’s always been a dream to record my own songs,” Hall said.

“Last year with the help of my friend, Texas music legend Chris Wall, I achieved that goal,” he continued. “It’s personal and I think the music falls somewhere in the ‘Americana’ music category. I’m proud of the work and I hope the public likes it.”

Hall will get the chance to share his music with even more people on June 19, when he performs at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. Hall’s participation in the world’s longest running live radio show is part of their 85th Birthday celebration’s “I’m With the Band” series. The Opry is available on 650 WSM-AM, Sirius XM and opry.com. Fans can listen to samples from Things They Don’t Teach You In School on Hall’s official music website.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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