Belknap: It’s A Rough Vacation For Danny & Lindsay

Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo), Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) and their daughter Lucy plan a “Vacation Getaway” in tonight’s CSI: New York‘s season finale, but work follows them out of town. Spoilers after the jump!

The Messer family is taking some time off, but serial killer Shane Casey (Edward Furlong) isn’t going to leave them in peace. Shane escaped from prison in “Redemptio”, and it looks like he’s after Danny. “It’s the culmination of everything that’s been going on with Eddie Furlong lingering in the background,” Giovinazzo told Fancast. Belknap added, “Fans are going to get a taste of Danny and Lindsay outside of the lab. Danny, Lindsay and Lucy. I for one wanted to see Lucy again!”

The Messers are on vacation, but the audience will know that their happy family time could turn deadly at any moment. “There’s this freaky undertone because the audience knows more about what’s going on than Danny and Lindsay do,” Belknap explained. “So even though it’s idyllic for us, I don’t think it’ll be so idyllic for the viewer!” Fans will get to see Danny and Lindsay enjoying their vacation at first, Giovinazzo said, “but once the s— hits the fan, it’s all pretty intense. There’s a nice amount of up-and-down, up-and-down.”

When they got the script, Belknap and Giovinazzo got together to talk about what was going to happen. “Anna and I worked around each a lot the last quarter of the season, so when we read that we got to talking about it and figuring it out,” Giovinazzo said. Belknap added, “I was like, ‘Oh my god, what’s going on with this?!’ It’s a rough vacation for Danny and Lindsay.”

Being a mother herself, Belknap felt a connection to the story. “I was practically choked up reading it,” she said. “It’s a pretty intense storyline, what they go through. You don’t ever want your family brought into your professional life.”

The characters—and the fans—will learn more about Shane Casey in the finale. “He’s pretty much a crazy guy, but I guess you could say we get insight into how nuts he is,” Belknap said. Giovinazzo added, “He has a great moment where he explains himself—why he feels what he feels and why he’s doing what he’s doing—and I almost felt for the kid. It’s disarming—that and the fact that he’s a psychotic human being with the ability to do the things he does.”

The finale ends with a cliffhanger, and fans will be wondering the fate of the characters all summer. “It really is left in a very intimate, very heightened situation,” Giovinazzo revealed. “You’re going to get some sort of closure, but you’re also going to be left going, ‘Well f–k. Seriously?!'” Belknap added, “You’re going to be spending the summer wondering what happens next.”

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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