‘Spring Breakdown’, ‘Redemptio’ & ‘Field Mice’ Official Details

The franchise offers three fresh episodes, including Spring Break in Miami, a CSI in prison and two lab techs out in the field. Official plot details and cast lists after the jump.

Starting out the week on Monday at 10:00pm ET/PT, CSI: Miami deals with a vacation gone wrong in “Spring Breakdown”:

Spring Break raises the body count in Miami when the CSI team splits up to solve three different murders.

Larry Detwiler has directed two previous episodes of Miami, including “In Plane Sight” from earlier this season. Writing duo Corey Evett and Matt Partney have 10 writing credits for the show, most recently for “Show Stopper” earlier this year.

The following actors and actresses will appear in guest-starring roles:

  • Christian Clemenson as Tom Loman
  • Wes Ramsey as Dave Benton
  • Christopher Redman as Michael Travers
  • Simon Miller as Brad Donner
  • Alan Ritchson as Paul Arnett
  • Teresa Castillo as Alexis Wilkes
  • Peter Mooney as Dean Butler
  • Chelsea Hobbs as Courtney Haywood
  • Cassie Scerbo as Hillary Swanson
  • Shawn Woods as Ricky Halprin
  • Henderson Wade as Cabana Boy
  • Elizabeth Mathis as Female MC
  • Alexander Rodriguez as DJ
  • Kallie Flynn Childress as Jill Quinn

Christian Clemenson, Wes Ramsey and Christopher Redman are reprising established roles. Shawn Woods was in the CSI: New York episode “Point of No Return” during the show’s fifth season. The other actors are new to the franchise.

On Wednesday at 10:00pm ET/PT, a member of the CSI: New York team finds himself on the wrong side of the prison bars in “Redemptio”:

A death row inmate’s final request brings Dr. Hawkes to a Pennsylvania prison and face-to-face with a tragic incident that he has kept secret for many years, just as a prison riot erupts and traps Hawkes inside.

This is the sixth time Steven DePaul has helmed an episode of New York. His most recent credit is for “The Ride In” during season three. Executive producer Peter Lenkov wrote the story for “Redemptio”, and he co-wrote the script with Bill Haynes. Lenkov has 20 writing credits, including “Hammer Down”; Haynes has penned nine episodes, most recently “Criminal Justice”.

The episode will feature the following guest stars:

  • Edward Furlong as Shane Casey
  • Harold Perrineau as Reggie Tifford
  • Robert Curtis Brown as Davis Ollenstein
  • Tyler Francavilla as Officer Miller
  • Eddie Alfano as Guard #1
  • Anthony Pena as Scarface
  • Jon Collin Barclay as Beaten Guard
  • Mark Doerr as Priest
  • Jonathan Strait as Hostage Negotiator

Edward Furlong is back as serial killer Shane Casey, who was last seen in “Raising Shane” during season three. CSI Files previously reported that Harold Perrineau would appear in the episode. Perrineau previously guest-starred in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode “Go to Hell” during season eight. Robert Curtis Brown has appeared on both CSI (“Swap Meet”) and Miami (“Innocent”). Jonathan Strait was in the Miami episode “One of Our Own” during the show’s fourth season.

Rounding out the week on Thursday at 9:00pm ET/PT, several lab rats take a turn as “Field Mice”:

When Hodges and Wendy take a group of high school CSI Explorer Scouts on a field trip, they embellish their role in solving cases and take their assignment a little bit too far.

Brad Tanenbaum has directed six previous CSI episodes, including this season’s “Internal Combustion”. Actors Liz Vassey (Wendy Simms) and Wallace Langham (David Hodges) wrote the script for “Field Mice” based on a story by Jennifer Levin and executive producer Naren Shankar. It’s the first writing credit for Vassey and Langham, and Levin has penned one episode of CSI (“Internal Combustion”). Shankar has 43 scripts under his belt, including “Working Stiffs” from earlier this season.

“Field Mice” will include the following guest stars:

  • Sheeri Rappaport as Mandy Webster
  • Jon Wellner as Henry Andrews
  • Joe Kelly as Officer Metcalf
  • Kendrick Sampson as Derrick Gold
  • Lucas Grabeel as Guillermo Seidel
  • Cassi Thomson as Katy Cypress
  • Annabelle Amirav as Stacia Borala
  • Lex Medlin as Sgt. Barclay
  • Brian Jarvis as Hazmat Leader
  • Beth Littleford as Nurse Mona
  • Travis Clark as Tenant #1
  • Ary Katz as Tenant #2
  • Chris Coy as Melvin Dodge
  • Michael Jace as Security Director
  • Cory Blevins as Surgeon
  • Cat Hammons as Intern
  • Geoff Koch as Security Guard
  • Paula Francis as Paula Francis

Sheeri Rappaport and Jon Wellner are reprising established recurring roles, and Joe Kelly is back as Officer Metcalf. Paula Francis has guest-starred as herself in 19 episodes, including “Irradiator”. Cory Blevins made an uncredited appearance in “Irradiator”. Ary Katz was in the Miami episode “Hostile Takeover” earlier this season, and Chris Coy guest-starred in “Second Chances” this season on New York.

“Spring Breakdown”, “Redemptio” and “Field Mice” begin airing April 12 on CBS.

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