Omaha Actor Uses ‘Miami’ Role To Raise Money For Kids

Actor John Beasley returned to his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska for the screening of his recent appearance in the CSI: Miami episode “Backfire”—and to raise money to support the community.

In the episode, Beasley played the grandfather of a young man who was killed in a house fire. “The start of this episode this character is emotionally distraught because he’s lost his grandson,” the actor told Action 3 News. “I saw this kid laying on the gurney and I thought this could be my grandson.”

Omaha locals who packed a pizzeria to watch the episode were shocked to find out Beasley’s character was a “hapless villain”, but they were very supportive of the actor. “It’s just really exciting that we can be together and be here to see our wonderful friend up there on a wonderful show,” said Miami fan Dorene Sherman. People were also supportive of the John Beasley Theater, which raised some money at the pizzeria to help local kids.

The theater is a way for kids to perform, but it’s also a way to keep them off the streets. “The kids are interested in the arts even the ones that are gang-banging it. I’m getting screen plays and scripts from guys in prison,” Beasley said. He hopes to expand the theater and give even more young people a place to call home. “We do plan on eventually having a presence in north Omaha, right in the heart of the community and being very visible there,” he explained. “I think it will mean a lot, cause I think I can also bring them hope.”

You can watch a short video with the actor below:

Source: Action 3 News

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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