Harper: It’s The Biggest Episode We’ve Ever Done

CSI: New York‘s Hill Harper (Dr Sheldon Hawkes) is excited to merge a personal storyline with action and excitement in “Redemptio”. (Spoilers after the jump!)

For Harper, no previous New York installment could compare to everything that happens in this week’s one hour episode. “I’m so excited,” the actor told Fancast. “In six years of doing this show, I think it’s the biggest most action-packed episode we’ve ever done—perhaps in the whole CSI franchise. The writers did such an amazing job of weaving high-stakes personal story elements with incredible adrenaline-pumping action, with crime solving, with the return of probably the most diabolical character that has ever been on the show, Shane Casey (Edward Furlong, “Raising Shane”). And that’s not to mention the Ozzy Osbourne song (“Let Me Hear You Scream”) premiering on the show!”

The actor didn’t want to give away too much information about why death row inmate Reggie Tifford (guest star Harold Perrineau) contacted Hawkes before his execution—he wants fans to tune in to find out the truth. “This is somebody who is on death row, and his final request is to see Hawkes,” Harper said. “Yet Hawkes has no connection to this person, he didn’t work on his case, he doesn’t know who he is. And then Hawkes is immediately thrown into an out-of-control situation where being a police officer is almost tantamount to a death sentence.”

The appearance of Shane Casey in the middle of a prison riot is no mistake, Harper said. “Shane Casey is the worst criminal lunatic that we’ve ever had on our show,” he explained. “A lot of this is not coincidence. It’s from the mind of Shane Casey, and there is a bigger plan involved.” He added that Hawkes won’t just be running around the prison trying to stay alive—he’ll also be doing a bit of detective work. “There is some crime solving that needs to happen, because Shane Casey needs to be stopped,” Harper said.

The details surrounding Shane Casey’s role in the season six finale remain unknown, but Harper did offer a clue. “I can say this: In the final episode, Shane Casey proves why he is so dangerous,” the actor revealed. “He takes an action that everyone who sees it will say, ‘This is the worst thing that someone could ever do’—and I’m talking about a guy who once decapitated somebody. It one-ups our past finales, without question.”

“Redemptio” airs Wednesday, April 14 at 10:00pm ET/PT.

Source: Fancast. Thanks to perlnoir on TalkCSI for the link.

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