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Hall: Music Is Part Of Every Day To Me

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Robert David Hall (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s Dr Al Robbins) prepares to release his debut album, Things They Don’t Teach You In School, which hits store shelves on June 1.

As CSI Files previously reported, Hall recorded the bluesy CD in Austin, Texas last summer. The actor has had a lifelong love of music, and his brother’s battle with cancer reminded him that he didn’t have forever to accomplish his goals. He followed the urging of his friend, songwriter and producer Chris Wall, and pulled out the songs he wrote over the years to create his first album.

“I took a leap of faith and went to Austin where Chris encouraged me and helped me polish my songs,” Hall said in a statement. “I guess I loved music so much I didn’t dare do it… I guess it took all this time to get over myself.” Recording the songs was “the best time I’ve had in 30 years,” the actor continued. “Every day in Austin was a great day, I got pushed, I learned things and now I want to take more risks.” He added, “[T]his is the first time I’ve really ‘jumped off the cliff’.”

Hall is best known for being an actor and disability rights activist (he had both legs amputated after an accident in 1978), but music has been an important part of his life since he was a child. “Music is part of every day to me,” he said. “Music was the first art form I ever had. I want to play and sing and write songs until I can’t anymore. I know that being on this hugely rated TV show has given me a platform but, as far as music is concerned, I think I can stand—no pun intended—on my own two feet.”

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