Amick: They Have An Immediate Attraction

Mädchen Amick first appeared as Aubrey Hunter in the CSI: New York episode “Pot of Gold”, and the character will be back to connect with leading man Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) this week in “Rest in Peace, Marina Garito”. (Minor spoilers after the jump!)

Amick’s character is an emergency room doctor, as fans will see in the next episode. Before settling into the ER, Aubrey served two tours in Afghanistan as a doctor in the Air Force Reserves. “She’s very driven, but also very passionate about serving people,” Amick told “That’s the reason she’s serving in the Reserves and working as an emergency room doctor as opposed to being some physician with a practice sitting back making money.”

Working hard and helping people is something Aubrey has in common with Mac. “They have this immediate attraction, and they probably recognize within each other without really knowing that they’re both very career-driven,” Amick explained. “Mac’s always so busy with his cases and never has time in personal relationships that Aubrey ends up being something really refreshing to him.”

The relationship provides the chance to show a side of Mac that the audience rarely sees. “For six seasons you didn’t get to follow Mac home,” Amick said. “[The writers] really wanted to explore that and give another dimension to Mac. They felt like fans are ready to see Mac outside of work life.”

“I think Mac questions everything and never really jumps into stuff,” she continued. “But there seems to be something brighter about his day after we meet. So, he’s not resisting it. He actually reaches back out, so that’s a pretty big step for him.” Amick added, “It’s interesting that they’re both smitten with each other but don’t quite know how to move forward. It’s almost like new love back in high school: ‘Do I make the move?’ … But they eventually realize, ‘Wow, we have more in common than we thought.'”


Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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