Rascal Flatts Was ‘Thrilled’ To Visit ‘CSI’

The members of Rascal Flatts enjoyed acting in this week’s episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, “Unshockable”, but they aren’t planning to quit their day job any time soon.

When the band was contacted about doing a guest appearance, they met with the CSI producers. “We went down there, sat down, kind of got an outline of the story and just talked about what we wanted to do, what their ideas were,” lead vocalist Gary LeVox told CMT News. “We were thrilled to death that they called.”

“It was really cool because we get to play our parts, but the drama stuff was really interesting,” explained guitarist Joe Don Rooney. “We’ve never done this stuff before, so it’s been fun to play ourselves but play different emotions within ourselves towards each other—and aggressive ones, at times.”

CSI actors Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) and George Eads (Nick Stokes) enjoyed having the band on set. “These guys are so amazing,” Helgenberger said. “They’re so down to earth and sweet, fun, cute and funny. They’re real naturals.”

“They’re really good sports,” Eads added. “I think they were fans of the show before they came on. They were very familiar with it, as I’m familiar with their music. I know they have a big fan base, and I think it will maybe bring a bigger audience to the show. That’s kind of the idea.”

Bassist Jay DeMarcus said the band might enjoy doing more acting. “Our main focus is getting out on the road and making records,” he said, “but as we have time and time goes on and we have more opportunities that come up, we’ll probably do a little bit more of it. I certainly enjoyed my experiences. I think we all did.” LeVox added, “Thank goodness we don’t have to rely on making a living off at that. We’re better musicians than we are actors—I think.”

Source: CMT News

Rachel Trongo


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