July 24 2024

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Joining ‘Miami’ Was A ‘Huge’ Step For Cibrian

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Eddie Cibrian (Jesse Cardoza) has no regrets about becoming part of the CSI: Miami cast this season.

Getting a role on Miami was a big deal for the actor. “Oh man, it’s huge!” he said in a press release. “To be on this series that’s mega-popular the world over, it really doesn’t get much better than that, does it? I didn’t even have to read for it. We just kind of worked out a deal over a weekend and by Monday I was signed. It’s so cool when something that great just kind of gets tossed in your lap.”

The rest of the Miami cast and crew wasted no time welcoming Cibrian. “They’ve made me feel at home from the first moment,” he shared. “It’s amazing to arrive in a ready-made situation where everyone has his role down like clockwork.”

When it comes to the future, Cibrian isn’t sure where his career is heading. “My goals change as I go along and get older,” he explained. “But I have to say I really love television and don’t see that changing. I love the idea of playing and evolving a character over time in a series like CSI: Miami. And let’s face it, I’m lucky to have gotten everything I have so far in this business. Talent isn’t enough. Looks aren’t enough. You need luck too. And thank God I’ve had it—and still do.”

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