Go Behind The Scenes As ‘Miami’ Visits ‘LA’

This week’s episode of CSI: Miami, “LA”, finds several members of the team taking a trip into the past—and to the other side of the country. (Spoilers and embedded video after the jump!)

The plot of “LA” gets very personal for newcomer Jesse Cardoza (Eddie Cibrian). “He came to Miami to join our team but his past is haunting him,” leading man David Caruso (Horatio Caine) told Entertainment Tonight. “In order for him to break free of it we need to come to [Los Angeles]. As a result, we are digging into the past and trying to clarify what happened.”

Horatio and Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) make the trip to California in order to re-open an old case. Even though Miami usually films in the Los Angeles-area, having part of the episode set in the City of Angels gave the show a chance to feature some LA landmarks. “We have the classic CSI: Miami stuff going on in Miami, yet we counterbalance that with these iconic LA things like the Hollywood Bowl,” rocker-turned-director Rob Zombie explained.

It was odd for Zombie to try his hand at television for the first time, especially coming in to work with an established cast and crew. However, he wanted to leave his mark. “I figure if I am coming in, I have to put some stamp of my own on it, or what is the point?” he said. The director wanted to respect what makes Miami unique while adding his own spin to the episode. “Basically, I want people to watch it and think, ‘That was a very bizarre episode of CSI,'” Zombie said. “That’s my goal.”

You can watch the original video below:

Source: ET Online

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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