May 23 2024

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‘CSI’ Prepares To Chase Dr Jekyll

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation fans have not seen the last of the Dr Jekyll serial killer. (Spoilers after the jump!)

Dr Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne) will continue to pursue Dr Jekyll as season ten rolls on. In tonight’s episode, “Neverland”, a familiar name comes up: Nathan Haskell (Bill Irwin), the Dick and Jane serial killer Gil Grissom (William Petersen) was investigating when Langston was first introduced in “19 Down”. “It’s just a little callback to him, which is kind of eerie and could be a sign of things to come,” episode writer Tom Mularz told It turns out that Haskell might have a connection to Dr Jekyll.

“Dr Jekyll isn’t done killing people,” executive producer Carol Mendelsohn said. “We will not only see more victims of Dr Jekyll, but we will begin to see and unravel the obsession that Ray Langston has for catching him. He is hot on his trail, and nothing will stop Langston. It will drive the end of our season.”

As Langston continues to chase Dr Jekyll, the pursuit will take on a more literal form. Fans will get a glimpse of Langston’s more physical side in tonight’s episode. “We get to see him run into a burning building and crash through a door,” Mularz said. “It’s nice to see him in that kind of action mode after we’ve seen him do these brilliant mental tasks.”

Langston’s need to track down the serial killer will come to a head before the season ends. “Dr. Jekyll and Langston may be headed for a final confrontation,” Mendelsohn said, “and I do not think Ray Langston will end up unscathed.”

Meanwhile, “Neverland” will find the team investigating the death of a young boy that ties to one of Sara Sidle’s (Jorja Fox) old cases. “Part of the story deals with a case that Sara handled before leaving for Costa Rica,” Mularz explained. “It was one of the things that kind of frustrated her to the point of wanting to leave. Langston, who joined the team after that, has really only known her as Mrs Grissom. So he gets a glimpse of the fire that still lingers around some of these cases in her mind.”

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