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Cibrian Hopes To Take Care Of Business On ‘Miami’

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CSI: Miami newcomer Eddie Cibrian feels like he’s in a good place—and so is his character, Jesse Cardoza. (Minor spoilers after the jump!)

Joining an established series could have been a daunting task, but it did not take long for Cibrian to feel at home on the Miami set. “The show has been on for eight seasons now and to step into it, I was like how is this going to be? Everyone is set in their ways, but I was welcomed with open arms,” the actor told TVGuide.com. “I came right in and the writers gave me a great little back story. I thought they introduced my character in a genius way. I feel like I’ve been on the show for five years.”

Jesse’s back story came to the forefront in “LA”, which was helmed by rocker-turned-director Rob Zombie. A murder in Miami brought Jesse’s past to light when the team went up against Tony Enright (Paul Blackthorne), a man Jesse was all-too-familiar with when he worked as a homicide detective in Los Angeles. Enright was acquitted of his wife’s murder back in California, and Jesse is convinced that Enright killed his own wife as well. “He basically got away with murder again and [the producers] did tell me he’s coming back,” Cibrian shared. “I think business will be handled finally, I hope.”

Since the beginning of the season, Jesse has remained distant from some of his colleagues as a result of his mysterious behavior, and his need to get revenge against Enright has caused tension with the rest of the team. However, Cibrian believes things are going well between the characters at this point. “I think as far as I’m concerned, Jesse is trustworthy again,” the actor said. “Jesse was always a good cop and still is a good cop. We finally found a little chemistry within the team that will probably stay for awhile.”

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