Perrineau To Guest Star On ‘New York’

Lost actor Harold Perrineau has been tapped for an upcoming guest appearance on CSI: New York. Spoilers after the jump!

Perrineau will play a death row inmate who is forced to fight for his life during a prison riot, Ausiello reports. Dr Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper) will also be stuck in the middle of the riot, and Perrineau’s character will reveal a shocking secret about his—and Hawkes’—past.

According to CSI Files sources, Perrineau will be appearing in the nineteenth episode of New York, which is tentatively titled “Redemptio”. Perrineau’s character contacts Hawkes and asks him to visit before his execution. The inmate has a confession to make about a member of Hawkes’ family. “Redemptio” will also feature the return of a familiar villain: Shane Casey (Edward Furlong), who was last seen in “Raising Shane” during New York‘s third season, is in the same prison as Perrineau’s character. In “Flag on the Play” earlier this season, it was revealed that Shane’s fingerprints were on Danny Messer’s (Carmine Giovinazzo) stolen dog tags—meaning he had something to do with the theft of Danny’s police badge in “Criminal Justice”.

“Redemptio” is scheduled to air in April.

Source: Ausiello

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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