‘New York’ Gets Fast And Furious In ‘The Formula’

Driving is hazardous for Antonio Sabato Jr in this week’s episode of CSI: New York, “The Formula”. (Spoilers and embedded video after the jump!)

Sabato guest stars as a race car driver who becomes the victim of a big explosion on the track. The actor enjoys racing cars on and off screen, and he was pleased to work with famous race car driver Danica Patrick in the episode. “She is a hell of a driver and she brings a lot of attention to the sport,” Sabato told ET Online.

“This is really the first time I’ve been able—outside of commercials—to do acting, so it’s a good opportunity,” Patrick said. As for Sabato’s acting, New York‘s leading man Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor) thought he was pretty good—as a dead guy. “He was a corpse on the table the day I worked with him,” Sinise joked. “He said nothing. He was perfectly still. It was a very good performance I thought.”

You can watch a video, featuring clips from the episode as well as the actors talking, below:

Source: ET Online

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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