February 27 2024

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Sabato: It’s Been Phenomenal

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CSI: New York recreated a race track to put Antonio Sabato Jr and race car driver Danica Patrick behind the wheel for their upcoming guest stint on the show. (Spoilers after the jump!)

CSI Files previously reported that Sabato and Patrick would guest-star on New York next month. The episode, tentatively titled “The Formula”, will air on Wednesday, February 10 at 10:00pm ET/PT. To film the racing scenes, the New York crew constructed part of a race track “on one block of downtown Los Angeles,” Sabato said. He added, “It’s been phenomenal. They brought in Formula cars [and] 500 extras…We’ve been working late, but it’s been awesome. I’m wearing a race suit every day and hanging out with race car drivers and Danica Patrick.”

“The Formula” will revolve around the death of a driver during an exhibition race. “I play a four time world champion, Davi Santos, who happens to be the one who actually dies,” Sabato explained. “So there’s a whole investigation to find out how and what happened and who did it.”

Sabato met Patrick for the first time while filming CSI: NY. The race car driver brought her husband to the set. “She’s great,” Sabato said. “We talked racing and cars all night.” Although he just met Patrick, Sabato is no stranger to racing. “I’ve been racing myself for many years,” he revealed. “I’ve been following Formula 1 my whole life, that’s what I’m passionate about.”

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