‘New York’ Encounters An Old Foe And A New Friend

An old nemesis will return to CSI: New York, and a new face will enter the picture. (Spoilers after the jump!)

CSI Files previously reported that Mädchen Amick would appear on New York as a love interest for leading man Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise). It has now been revealed that Amick will play an Emergency Room doctor, and the team will encounter her multiple times. She will make her first appearance on March 10, and the episode will also see the return of a familiar face from Mac’s past: his stepson Reed Garrett (Kyle Gallner). Reed was last seen in “Taxi” after being kidnapped by the Taxi Cab Killer during the show’s fourth season.

But it won’t be all pleasant news for the CSI: NY team. The latest episode, “Flag on the Play”, ended with a surprise when Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) recovered Shane Casey’s fingerprints on his stolen dog tags. Casey was played by Edward Furlong in two episodes during season three (“Hung Out to Dry” and “Raising Shane”) before he was caught. The killer will definitely be back—just in time for the season six finale, which will feature a cliffhanger that will leave fans guessing.

Source: Fancast. Thanks to Shane from TalkCSI for the heads up.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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