Mediate Talks ‘CSI’, And Golf Writers Weigh In

Real life golfer Rocco Mediate enjoyed appearing on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, but others familiar with the sport had a few things to say about the latest episode, “Long Ball”.

Mediate was one of several golf personalities to guest-star in the episode. “After Thanksgiving, my agent got a phone call that CSI wanted me to be on the show,” he told ESPN Golf. “I thought he was joking. I was like, ‘Should I do it?’ And he goes, ‘I’ll kill you if you don’t.’ True story. So I did it.”

“It was a whole golf-oriented show, with [Gary] McCord, [David] Feherty, Duffy Waldorf, Natalie Gulbis and Kevin Na,” Mediate continued. “They did a great job of actually making it look like a PGA Tour event. We helped with all of that; told them what we would do and wouldn’t do. Since I was playing myself, I asked the director if I could change a couple of lines since some of the things I wouldn’t say. If I was going to be me, I wanted to be me instead of someone else and they said no problem. It worked out well.”

“It’s pretty neat how they do those shows,” he told “I’ve always watched CSI, so…it was fun to do it.” He added, “No acting involved, just kind of throwing a few lines out there and they filmed it a few times, and that was it.” But don’t expect Mediate to have a big acting career. “I played myself, so I’m typecast now,” he joked. “I can’t get any other acting jobs because nobody wants me—how many times can I play me? But it was fun. It was a blast. ”

After “Long Ball” aired, provided some commentary on several aspects of the episode, including the “juiced” golf balls and the drug use of a former player-turned-caddie. For fans who are interested, the website also provided a list of people who have been injured with a broken golf club like the victim on CSI.

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Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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