Monahan: I Was Nervous

The rock band Train was featured in the latest episode of CSI: New York, “Second Chances”, and frontman Pat Monahan got a chance to try out his acting chops in a guest-starring role. (Embedded video after the jump.)

Monahan played Sam Baker, a musician who was homeless before a seemingly benevolent woman named Debbie Fallon (played by reality star Kim Kardashian) came into his life. The singer only filmed one scene with Kardashian, a flashback to when Debbie first got Sam off of the streets and took him to a restaurant. “She was really cool,” Monahan said. “She had already been there for a few days before I was there, so she was very comfortable. She has about three million Twitter followers, so I think she was Tweeting in between scenes. I was just kind of nervous.”

Despite working with big name stars like Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor) and Melina Kanakaredes (Stella Bonasera), Monahan’s nervousness had nothing to do with his costars. “I was just nervous to be acting,” he explained. “It wouldn’t have mattered who was in that scene with me, I was just nervous. That was my very first scene, in that restaurant.”

“I did most of my scenes with Melina,” he continued. “She was amazing. And then I met Gary at the end.” Monahan was impressed with Sinise as an actor and as a person. “I really liked him a lot,” he shared. “He’s such a great actor, but he’s such a decent man, too. He’s really working hard for the troops right now. He was on his way to Iraq, which inspired us. We’re going to try to do the same.”

Monahan was glad that he and his band had the opportunity to appear on New York. “It was such a big, big thing for my band, Train, and for me,” he said. “We’re all super grateful.” He was especially grateful to a friend that works for the network. “There’s a girl named Amy Osler at CBS,” Monahan explained. “She is a dear friend who I met at Columbia Records years ago when we started, and we just bonded and became great friends. Every year she asks us to come and play at CBS or whatever she can do to help, and this album Save Me, San Francisco and this song ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ is really just a big hit, so it’s getting a lot of ‘yeses’, a lot of reaction.”

You can watch the interview with Monahan below:

Source: 103.7 The Mountain, courtesy of ladyhunter on TalkCSI.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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