‘CSI’ Graphic Novel ‘Received Well’ By Critics

CSI Files previously reported that TOKYOPOP released a graphic novel called CSI: Intern At Your Own Risk. The story, which is set in the world of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, follows CSI intern Kiyomi Hudson as she and several other interns try to solve the murder of a peer. “Critically, the manga has been received well,” TOKYOPOP’s Associate Publisher Marco Pavia said of the release.

“[W]e also created a cool digital product, more like a movie trailer, that has been getting a ton of buzz, especially with our Japanese licensing partners,” Pavia added. “Sales have been slow, to be honest, but it just came out a few months ago. I know we want instant gratification, and I’m patient to see it find its audience before planning another volume.”

You can find the “trailer” for CSI: Intern At Your Own Risk after the jump. (Warning: contains some graphic images):

CSI: Intern At Your Own Risk is available from Amazon and other online retailers.

Source: Newsarama

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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