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Harper Chats About Love And Relationships

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CSI: New York‘s Hill Harper (Dr Sheldon Hawkes) wrote his third book, The Conversation, in order to facilitate communication between men and women so they can create strong, lasting relationships.

The book is geared toward African-American men and women, but Harper said the basic concept is universal. “Since there’s a crisis in the African-American community with regard to relationships, I wanted to write the book specifically for that audience,” the actor explained. He added, “but 99% of what is said in The Conversation is certainly not race specific. So, communication is critical no matter what, no matter who the couples are.”

Trying to communicate with a partner can be difficult, Harper admitted, but the process is still important. “‘Conversation parties’ aren’t always easy, but, don’t be discouraged even if it turns into finger pointing, there is still progress because you are attempting to have the conversation,” he shared. “It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion – with each layer, it may not seem like progress is being made, but it actually is.”

“Part of the whole point of the book is that I am not an expert!” Harper said. In fact, the actor’s issues with relationships are what inspired him to write the book in the first place. “That is part of the journey of The Conversation,” he explained. “That’s why I interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people for the book – it is truly their wisdom imparted in the book, not mine.”

That wisdom is meant for everyone, Harper added, not just those in a specific age group. “The book encourages three levels of conversation: 1. Conversation with yourself 2. with your partner/potential partners 3. with your greater community including family and friends,” he said. “Those types of conversations are good for any age group.”

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