June 14 2024

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SAG Introduces Legislation To Protect Children

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The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) recently announced the passage of legislation geared toward protecting young actors and their families from scams.

“Complaints from consumers about acting and modeling scams have doubled every year since 2006,” explained California Assemblyman Paul Krekorian. “These scams financially and psychologically hurt Californians because state law was inadequate to properly deal with disreputable talent scouts. My bill offers a comprehensive approach to protecting children and others by setting guidelines under which legitimate businesses can operate, alerting consumers to dishonest business practices and by providing law enforcement with the tools necessary for investigation and prosecution. With this law in place, we now have a powerful tool that will protect children and save California families millions of dollars.”

CSI: New York‘s Hill Harper (Dr Sheldon Hawkes) is a SAG National Board Member and co-chair of the SAG National Legislative Committee. “Unfortunately we live in a time where people who have malicious intent are using more and more sophisticated means to take advantage of the people who can protect themselves the least,” Harper said. “And legislation like this represents, I believe, the beginning of dealing with this.”

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