La Rue Calls For Religious Freedom In Iran

CSI: Miami actress Eva La Rue (Natalia Boa Vista) is one of the celebrities taking part in “Belief Behind Bars” – A Call for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in Iran.

The event will take place Wednesday, October 14 in Los Angeles, California. “Belief Behind Bars” will feature guest speakers and a variety of international musical guests, as well as a coalition of religious leaders from Southern California. The event is meant to show strong support for seven leaders of the Baha’i Faith in Iran who have been imprisoned for more than a year on trumped up charges.

The seven prisoners are Mrs. Fariba Kamalabadi, Mr. Jamaloddin Khanjani, Mr. Afif Naeimi, Mr. Saeid Rezaie, Mrs. Mahvash Sabet, Mr. Behrouz Tavakkoli, and Mr. Vahid Tizfahm. Together they make up a national committee of Baha’i leadership in Iran. The prisoners have been denied access to their attorney, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi, and could face the death penalty at their upcoming trial on October 18.

Baha’is make up the largest non-Muslim minority in Iran, and they suffer discrimination from the Iranian government. Baha’is are not allowed to hold government jobs or receive government pensions, and young people of the Baha’i faith are not allowed to attend institutions of higher learning. U.S. Senate Resolution 71 (SR71) is currently in committee and “(1) condemns the Government of Iran for its state-sponsored persecution of the Baha’i minority in Iran and its continued violation of the International Covenants on Human Rights; and (2) calls on the Government of Iran to immediately release the seven leaders and all other prisoners held solely on account of their religion.”

“Belief Behind Bars” is a free admission event. The event will be hosted by actor and comedian Rainn Wilson (The Office). La Rue will be a presenter along with Anthony Azizi (24, Lost). The full list of speakers and performers can be found on the official website.

Source: Reuters

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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