Harper Aims To ‘Uplift, Inspire, Empower And Entertain’

Hill Harper (CSI: New York‘s Dr Sheldon Hawkes) was in Dayton, Ohio this week as part of the Diversity Lecture Series.

Harper uses his celebrity status to reach out to others. “My soul mission with whatever I do is to uplift, inspire, empower and entertain,” he said. “The hope is that everyone will get something different out of what I speak about, and whoever attends, something will resonate personally within them.”

Harper’s life as an actor has contained its share of struggles, and those struggles inspired him. “Acting is an interesting journey because an actor experiences a great deal of rejection,” Harper explained. People see an actor in a role onscreen, he continued, but what those people don’t see is “all the rejection they’ve gone through before that.”

Through the MANifest Your Destiny foundation, Harper has found a way to help young people by encouraging and empowering them to succeed. “There’s many individuals out there that have goals and dreams but don’t necessarily have the resources,” Harper said. “We give scholarship money, as well as put on a summer empowerment academy for people entering the ninth grade whose parents didn’t necessarily go to college … they get one college credit for attending.”

Source: Flyer News

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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