Gasol Guest Stars On ‘Miami’

LA Lakers basketball player Pau Gasol will guest-star in an upcoming episode of CSI: Miami. (Minor spoilers after the jump.)

“It was a very attractive opportunity,” Gasol said of the Miami role. “I play Victor, a normal person who is involved in a car accident and police are suspicious that I am responsible for what happened. I have good, meaty dialogue with an officer.”

“I have always had the acting bug inside me,” he added. “What this city gives me are opportunities. I’m in the best team in the league, I’m one of the best franchises and this is the city where it happens all the movies.”

The 29-year-old is seven feet tall, and he has a busy basketball schedule. For those reasons, Gasol doesn’t search out more acting roles. “It’s not so easy because of my physical characteristics,” he said. “They break with the norm, with the size of conventional actor. They are usually short and it is difficult to find roles for someone my size.”

Source: AFP

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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