February 27 2024

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Rodriguez Prepares For What’s Next

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Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) will appear throughout the eighth season of CSI: Miami as he gets ready to exit the series.

As CSI Files previously reported, season eight will be the last for Rodriguez. However, he won’t leave immediately. “I won’t be in every episode but I will be coming in and out of the show throughout the season,” the actor told Latina, “so I’m looking forward to still getting to spend some time with my CSI family.”

“It was just that time in my career,” Rodriguez said of his decision to leave Miami. “I just felt like I’m really ready to see what life has to offer next; as an artist, you want to branch out and do other things. It was all pretty sudden, but it’s something to look forward to and see what the next adventure will be. My character, Eric Delko, had some great storylines. I’ve been very lucky.”

Rodriguez has been nominated for an American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) Award for his positive portrayal of a Latino character on Miami. “I am really excited about that,” he shared. “I’ve been going to the ALMA Awards probably since they began, and to be honored this year makes me feel special. It makes me feel like I’m progressing in my career and it feels good to know that my people have taken the time to recognize.”

The actor has several movie releases on the horizon. “I have a film that I shot this last summer with 50 Cent and that’s coming out next year called Caught in the Cross Fire,” he said. “Our Tyler Perry movie, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, is coming out September 11.” As CSI Files previously reported, Rodriguez will play an immigrant looking for work. (The original article erroneously described the character as a Mexican immigrant. Rodriguez will play a Colombian immigrant in the film.) “He doesn’t have a home and he’s completely by himself, so he goes to a specific church because he knows the pastor had done missionary work in Colombia,” the actor explained. “That pastor gets him a job to fix April’s (Taraji Henson) house, so he works for room and board. He has such a big and positive impact on everyone in this film—that was what I felt was the most important to portray. He really is a great representation of what we are as Latinos. He’s so full of goodness, integrity, sense of family and how important that is. He doesn’t have any of that in his life but still understands the value.”

In addition to these new roles, Rodriguez still has some work to do as Eric Delko. “I have scenes to film for the rest of the season of CSI: Miami, and beyond that I don’t know what’s next,” he said. “I’m really excited. I really want to do more films, so I want pursue more of that and if a great television show comes along, I’m open to that as well.”

The original interview is from Latina.

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