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Rodriguez Looks Forward To New Roles

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Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) will say goodbye to CSI: Miami this season, but he plans to continue his film and television career.

As CSI Files previously reported, Rodriguez will appear in a limited number of episodes during the upcoming eighth season. “I have seven episodes left,” Rodriguez told the New York Post. “After this year, that’s it.”

“It was a great eight years to spend there,” the actor told the San Antonio Current. “It was my life. I’m definitely going to be sad to go. I’m going to miss the people I work with everyday. I’m lucky in a sense that I’m getting to have a slow departure. I’ll be there in and out for 10 episodes throughout the season. You’ll get to see Delko fade away slowly, so hopefully it won’t be as painful as just having the character disappear.”

Rodriguez is in the Tyler Perry film I Can Do Bad All By Myself, which is currently in theaters. Now that he is leaving Miami, the actor plans to do more movies. “I had such a great time making this film,” he said. “If I can continue to have these kinds of experiences making movies then, yeah, I would love to have a career in film. With that said, I’m open to doing great television, too. I’m going to be doing seven episodes of Ugly Betty starting this weekend in New York.” As CSI Files previously reported, the actor will play Bobby, a former flame of Betty’s sister Hilda. “I’m really looking forward to doing some comedy,” Rodriguez said. “This is a show that has really been groundbreaking for Latinos in a big way.”

The original interviews are from the New York Post and the San Antonio Current.

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