February 29 2024

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Langham: It’s A Dream Career

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Wallace Langham (David Hodges) enjoys being on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, but he plans to expand his career.

Having a steady job on CSI is “a very easy thing to do”, Langham told Herald.ie. “[T]he bills are paid, everybody’s fed, you know, life is comfortable — and the fact that I can hang on to a No1 television show and go and do stuff like Little Miss Sunshine or The Great Buck Howard, stuff like that, is just a dream career.” However, the actor admitted that he wants to keep his career growing. “[M]y intention is to move forward in larger ways,” he explained. “I don’t have a specific gameplan, but the general idea is to, see how I can expand as a creator.”

Before joining the cast of CSI, Langham’s resume included The Larry Sanders Show from 1992 to 1998. “I’ve got to say, it’s an extreme honour to be part of television history,” he said. “I feel like lightening struck twice, in a way. Sanders in and of itself was like Christmas every week, just to go in and read a script, and see what we could get away with. And every year when we would finish a season, I would just thank Garry [Shandling] for putting me on it, because it was a life-changing experience. And then to be on something as wildly popular as CSI, that’s a real bonus.”

Langham credits “people’s desire to solve a mystery” for the success of CSI. “They want to work along with the detectives, I believe, and then there’s a deep sense of the macabre in a lot of people,” he continued. “I think that people do genuinely like the blood and the guts. Luckily, it’s all fake and make-believe, but there are so many different ways to kill someone that I think it’s fascinating [laughs]. We do a lot for the public!”

The original interview is from Herald.ie.

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