July 19 2024

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La Rue Presses On

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Eva La Rue is glad she was nominated for an American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) Award for her portrayal of Natalia Boa Vista on CSI: Miami, but she concentrates on moving forward and doing her best.

La Rue received news of her nomination while on vacation with her daughter, Kaya. “It was unexpected and awesome,” she said. “I love the Alma Awards.” The awards honor positive portrayals of Latino characters in the media.

Despite the nomination, La Rue doesn’t place too much importance on awards. “If you make them important it’s probably a big mistake,” she explained. “This business is so fickle. One year you could be considered awesome, the next year you could be considered the worst actress on the planet. It’s always flattering and certainly exciting, but I never wait and hope for those kinds of things. I just press on and do the best I can.”

La Rue is currently working on Miami as the show prepares to enter its eighth season. As CSI Files previously reported, upcoming episodes will take the forensic drama back to its roots. “It’s definitely going back to what they were doing in the first couple of seasons where everyone is working together as a team,” La Rue said. “We’re not going to be paired off as much. David [Caruso, Horatio Caine] is going to be back in the lab a lot more this season.”

One character who won’t be around for the whole season is Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez), who will leave the show after being one of the main characters since the series began. As CSI Files previously reported, Rodriguez will appear in several episodes throughout the season before saying goodbye to the show for good. Rodriguez “is simply irreplaceable, but things happen,” La Rue said. “There are a lot of changes this season, it’s going to be really good.”

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