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News Headlines for September 2009

Sep 13 - Rodriguez Looks Forward To New Roles
The actor will miss 'Miami', but he is open to doing movies and television.

Sep 13 - 'New York' And 'Miami' Switch To Digital
Both spinoffs opt for digital production, but 'CSI' sticks with traditional film.

Sep 11 - Review: 'The Conversation'
'CSI: NY' star Hill Harper delves into relationships between Black men and women and takes a good, hard look at his own relationships in this groundbreaking new book.

Sep 12 - Shankar: The Theme This Year Is Family
Details emerge for all three 'CSI' series as the new season approaches. Contains spoilers!

Sep 10 - Rodriguez Lands 'Ugly Betty' Role
ABC secures the 'Miami' actor for at least five episodes. Contains minor spoilers.

Sep 10 - Vassey Hopes To Leave The Lab
The 'CSI' actress discusses fieldwork and several female costars. Contains minor spoilers.

Sep 10 - Buckley: Adam Finally Gets Some Love
The 'New York' actor talks about what's in store for season six. Contains minor spoilers.

Sep 8 - Review: 'Level 26: Dark Origins'
CSI Files reviews Anthony E Zuiker's new Digi-Novel 'Level 26: Dark Origins', which centers on an elite unit tracking a one-of-a-kind serial killer called Sqweegel.

Sep 7 - 'Level 26' And 'The Conversation' Available Tuesday
Zuiker and Harper release books this week.

Sep 6 - This Week On 'CSI'
Repeats offer a victim boiled alive, a trip to Greece and a dead biker.

Sep 6 - Sinise: Military Shows Are Terrific
The 'New York' actor performs for American troops.

Sep 6 - News Bullets
'New York' auction, 'Level 26' compared to 'CSI', Events of the Heart pictures and guide to CBS TV online.

Sep 4 - News Bullets
Lombard returns, Rodriguez joins Tyler Perry, Hallowell calls Helgenberger 'gorgeous', Harper visits Wendy Williams, 'CSI' graphic novel and 'Miami' features automated lensometer.

Sep 1 - Interview: Bill Haynes
The 'CSI: NY' writer talks about his transition from being a real-life CSI to the writers' office, how cases from his career have inspired storylines and his upcoming sixth season episode. Very light spoilers inside!

Sep 2 - Zuiker 'Tiptoes' Away From 'CSI'
The 'CSI' creator gives new projects his attention but keeps an eye on the franchise. Contains minor spoilers.

Sep 2 - Rodriguez Prepares For What's Next
The 'Miami' actor discusses leaving the hit show and what else is in store for his career. Contains minor spoilers.

Sep 2 - Langham: It's A Dream Career
The actor talks about his role on 'CSI' and why the series is so popular.

Sep 1 - Zuiker: It Seems Fake
The 'CSI' creator talks about visiting real life crime scenes. Contains potentially disturbing descriptions.

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