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News Headlines for November 2006

Nov 30 - ‘Dublin Carol’ Almost Sold Out
William Petersen begins playing to a packed house on a Providence stage tonight. Find out more about his return to live theater.

Nov 30 - First ‘Meet Market’ Plot Details Revealed
In the 14th episode of ‘CSI’, a wealthy woman frequents a ‘Meet Market’ with unexpected consequences. Major spoilers inside!

Nov 29 - ‘Raising Shane’ Promo Available Online
When a bartender is shot in cold blood, the CSIs are shocked when the prime suspect is Sheldon Hawkes. Full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 29 - La Rue: ‘I Think I’m Figuring This Whole Thing Out.’
Actress Eva La Rue shares what it was like for her joining the cast of ‘CSI:Miami’ last year and where she’s at right now.

Nov 29 - Petersen Returns To The Stage After Eight Years
The ‘CSI’ star talks about his stint in the Christmas tale ‘Dublin Carol’ and how it differs from ‘CSI.’

Nov 28 - CSI: Senses Contest, Final Part
Enter for a final chance to win a copy of the latest CSI board game, desiged by CSI creator Anthony Zuiker.

Nov 27 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Living Legend'
The CSIs have to ask 'who are you?' when a killer with many faces starts knocking off several older men who posed together for a picture thirty years ago.

Nov 26 - Ratings Round-Up
CBS had much to be thankful for this week. Find out more!

Nov 24 - Review: CSI: New York--'Sweet 16'
Mac and Flack clash over a suspect after a man who races pigeons is found dead on his rooftop.

Nov 23 - Review: CSI: Miami--'If Looks Could Kill'
Natalia comes face to face with her abusive ex-husband when the CSIs investigate the murder of a male model.

Nov 23 - First ‘Sweet Jane’ Plot Details Revealed
In the 13th episode of ‘CSI’, the team works to uncover the connection between a series of similar ‘Jane Doe’ murders spanning the course of decades. Major spoilers inside!

Nov 21 - 'Sweet Sixteen' Promo Available Online
On 'CSI:NY' a base-jumper plummets to his death after poisoned pigeons drops out of the sky and sabotage his chute. MTV’s ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’ has nothing on a mega bash than ends badly for a father and spoiled daughter. Full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 21 - Sinise Talks About The Season
The ‘CSI:NY’ star shares insights into this season’s success and the development of his character, Mac Taylor. Read more!

Nov 19 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Darkroom'
Natalia Boa Vista is shocked when she discovers her own sister's picture among a serial killer's collection.

Nov 18 - Ratings Round-Up
All three ‘CSI’ shows proved to be ratings winners this week. Find out more!

Nov 17 - Review: CSI: New York--'And Here's To You, Mrs. Azrael'
Hawkes grapples with his career choices when the CSIs investigate the death of a young woman who was smothered in her hospital bed.

Nov 15 - Christina Aguilera To Appear On 'CSI: New York'
Famous pop singer will guest-star in episode dealing with battered women, an issue close to Aguilera's heart.

Nov 15 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Double-Cross'
The Vegas team heads to church when a woman's body is found crucified above an altar.

Nov 14 - Worlds Collide On ‘CSI:Miami’ And ’48 Hours’
Find out about the eerie real life connection between this weeks episode of ‘CSI:Miami’ and a story that will be featured on CBS new show ’48 Hours.’

Nov 14 - 'Darkroom' Promo Available Online
A kidnapping case becomes personal for the Miami CSI’s when the victim turns out to be Boa Vista’s sister. Full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 13 - Ratings Round-Up
Once again, ‘CSI:Miami’ and ‘CSI:NY’ are timeslot winners, while ‘CSI’ falls short of ‘Gray’s Anatomy.’ Find out more!

Nov 11 - First ‘Redrum’ Plot Details Revealed
In the 12th episode of the season, a politician’s belief in the law costs him his life. Warrick and Nick investigate a similar murder, while Catherine and Brass may have some controversial involvement. Major spoilers inside!

Nov 10 - Review: CSI: New York--'Consequences'
The team works to solve the murder of one paintball player and the disapperance of another.

Nov 9 - New British Channel Offers ‘CSI’ Franchise Episodes And Interviews
British channel Five US boasts a variety of offerings of interest to fans of the ‘CSI’ franchise. Find out more!

Nov 9 - Paul Guilfoyle: ‘Don’t Eat Jell-O Off Anyone’s Back.’
George Eads and Paul Guilfoyle share the surprising special effects used in last week’s episode. Find out how it’s done!

Nov 8 - Review: CSI: Miami--'High Octane'
A stunt turns deadly when a man's head is literally severed from his body during a sideshow.

Nov 8 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Fannysmackin''
Greg gets caught in the crossfire when he rushes to the rescue of a man being brutally beaten by a gang.

Nov 8 - ‘Post Mortem’ Promo Available Online
Grissom gets a chilling surprise when he receives another exact miniature replica of a working crime scene. Full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 8 - ‘Consequences’ Promo Available Online
The ‘CSI:NY’ team investigates the death of a professional paintball player. To complicate matters, their prime suspect goes missing and evidence found at the scene potentially implicates one of their own. Full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 6 - 'High Octane' Promo Available Online
When man is decapitated while doing a dangerous stunt in his car, the CSI:Miami team suspects it’s more than just an accident. Full trailer transcript and images inside!

Nov 4 - Ratings Round-Up
‘CSI:Miami’ and ‘CSI:NY’ win their timeslots, while ‘CSI’ is defeated by ‘Gray’s Anatomy.’ Find out more!

Nov 3 - Review: CSI: New York--'Murder Sings The Blues'
The murder of a young woman on the subway turns into a complicated case when Mac discovers a member of his team knew the victim.

Nov 3 - Jerry Bruckheimer And Les Moonves Honored By The Museum Of Television And Radio
Two of the greats behind the most popular TV franchise on the planet received kudos Monday night.

Nov 3 - ‘CSI:Miami – The Complete Fourth Season’ Released On DVD
Find out what the new set contains and what reviewers have to say about it before you shell out to buy it.

Nov 2 - ‘CSI’ Make-Up Applied With Forensic Precision
Make-up artist Matthew Mungle says he “shudders a lot” while reviewing pictures for his job. Read more about the man behind the gruesome cosmetics.

Nov 2 - Test Your ‘CSI: Q’
‘CSI:NY’ viewers will have an exciting opportunity to put their crime-solving skills to the test. Find out how!

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