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News Headlines for July 2009

July 31 - 'Miami' Creates A World That Is 'Both Real And Unreal'
Nayar discusses the 'CSI' family and how 'Miami' stands out from the crowd.

July 30 - News Bullets
Caruso look-alike, Rodriguez movie trailer, Coates receives award, Sinise narrates WWII series and Harper is SAG candidate.

July 30 - More New Season Details Emerge
Information is revealed about all three members of the franchise. Contains spoilers!

July 29 - Zuiker Creates A 'Book Club Online'
The man behind 'CSI' discusses the website that accompanies his new 'Level 26' series.

July 28 - Fox: I Was Thrilled
The actress discusses her return to 'CSI'. Spoilers inside!

July 27 - Smith Leaves 'CSI'
Riley Adams won't appear in season 10. Contains spoilers!

July 27 - This Week On 'CSI'
Repeats offer a guest appearance from Sean Combs, a buzzard with an eyeball and a hostage situation.

July 25 - Meet Anthony Zuiker Today At Comic-Con!
The 'CSI' creator will be on hand at the San Diego convention to preview his new Digi-Novel, 'Level 26: Dark Origins.'

July 25 - News Bullets
'Blackbird' extended, 'CSI' prop for auction, Hall visits White House, Fox on 'Drop Dead Diva' and Harper presents at Theatre Awards.

July 23 - Spoiler Round-Up
Returning characters, possible romance, character insight and a new nemesis are all in store for the franchise during the upcoming season. Spoilers inside!

July 21 - Interview: Anthony E. Zuiker
In an exclusive interview, the creator of 'CSI' previews his new novel, 'Level 26: Dark Origins,' discusses the future of entertainment, shares his thoughts on the 'CSI' shows and talks about his upcoming appearance this weekend at Comic Con.

July 22 - News Bullets
'CSI' cover art, La Rue nominated, Caruso stalker sentence shortened, La Rue attends benefit, 'CSI' seventh most addictive, trailer for 'Percy Jackson' and La Rue attends premiere.

July 21 - Veasey: She Becomes A Person Of Interest
The executive producer reveals more about the 'New York' addition and the reasons for adding a new character. Contains minor spoilers!

July 21 - Zuiker Re-Invents The Crime Novel
The 'CSI' creator blends a novel, movie and website into his new 'Digi-Novel' concept.

July 20 - This Week On 'CSI'
Repeats offer an anonymous tip line, a dead mayor and an appearance by Taylor Swift.

July 19 - 'CSI' Fan Catches Rapist
A woman used a technique she learned from the series to identify her attacker.

July 19 - Sinise: What Can I Do To Help?
The actor shows support for the military and discusses the international appeal of 'New York'.

July 18 - Sara Sidle Returns
Fox signs on for season ten.

July 17 - Sarah Carter Joins 'New York'
The actress has been cast as a new series regular. Contains minor spoilers!

July 17 - Season Premiere Details Revealed
More on 'Miami', news on the 'New York' casualty and what's in store for 'CSI'. Major spoilers inside!

July 17 - Asner Receives Emmy Nomination
The actor is recognized for his guest role on 'New York', and 'CSI' receives three nominations.

July 15 - Interview: Hill Harper
The 'CSI: New York' star will be tweeting from the set of the show's sixth season; get all the scoop in CSI Files' exclusive interview!

July 15 - News Bullets
New 'CSI' game, 'Level 26' trailer, 'The Experience' in Vegas, Menendez works with Cannon and website for toy recall.

July 13 - 'Miami' Returns To The 20th Century
Horatio and the gang flash back to 1997 as one member of the team fights for his life in the season eight premiere. Major spoilers inside!

July 12 - Buckley Visits The Calgary Stampede
The 'New York' actor enjoys western entertainment with friends.

July 12 - This Week On 'CSI'
Repeats offer a CSI's life in danger, human trafficking and three cases with a common link.

July 9 - Zuiker Signs First-Look Deal
A two-year contract will keep the 'CSI' creator with CBS.

July 9 - News Bullets
'Blackbird' events, 'Miami' launches career, CBS honors 'Guiding Light' and Buckley attends Stampede.

July 7 - 'Miami' Plans A Blast From The Past
The eighth season premiere turns back the clock. Contains spoilers!

July 7 - 'Blackbird' Draws 'CSI' Fans
Hundreds show up for Petersen's rehearsal.

July 7 - News Bullets
Asbestos-related settlement reached, Sinise talks political career and Fox congratulates Bolivian government.

July 6 - This Week On 'CSI'
Repeats offer a cop too close to the case, a detective under investigation and a victim with multiple blood types.

July 3 - Kanakaredes Calls It 'Entertainment'
The 'New York' actress discusses inspiring young people and keeping in touch with her heritage.

July 3 - Petersen: I Have Anxiety Every Day
The former 'CSI' leading man discusses the differences between theater and TV.

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