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News Headlines for February 2007

Feb 28 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Man Down'
As Delko fights for life, Horatio continues his dogged pursuit of Clavo Cruz.

Feb 28 - First ‘Big Shots’ Plot Details Revealed
In the 19th episode of ‘CSI’, ‘big shot’ Champ Landley meets an untimely demise in a limo, while beautiful young Simone Castro dies a horrific death. Major spoilers inside!

Feb 27 - Link: Gary Sinise To Appear In New 'Star Trek' Film?
Our sister site TrekToday reports that CSI: New York's Mac Taylor actor may soon sign up for the role of Dr. McCoy in 'Star Trek XI.'

Feb 27 - William Petersen Talks About ‘CSI’’s Seventh Season
The ‘CSI’ star discusses the Grissom / Sara romance, the miniature killer and a couple of the shows guest stars. Find out more!

Feb 27 - Ratings Round-Up
Following the season long trend, ‘CSI:Miami’ and ‘CSI:NY’ won their timeslots while ‘CSI’ lost to ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Get all the details on last week’s ratings!

Feb 23 - Review: CSI: New York--'The Ride In'
Mac and Danny investigate the murder of a man who built an ark in his backyard while Stella and Hawkes probe the death of a man dressed as a cigarette.

Feb 22 - Interview: A. J. Buckley
'CSI: NY''s Adam Ross talks with CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about creating a character from just three lines, the recent revelations about Adam and his film career.

Feb 22 - First ‘By The Book’ Plot Details Revealed
In the 19th episode of ‘CSI:Miami’, the president of a large communications syndicate is found dead in his hotel room. Major spoilers inside!

Feb 20 - ‘Fallen Idols’ Promo Available Online
Grissom and the team try to piece together what has become of a highschool basketball star and his cheerleader girlfriend who didn’t return home after a big game. Full trailer transcript inside!

Feb 20 - ‘The Ride In’ Promo Available Online
When a man is found shot in the chest in his own home, buried under a sea of money, Mac and Danny must not only solve the bizarre murder, but also figure out why there is a 20 foot wooden arc in his backyard. Full trailer transcript inside!

Feb 20 - Rex Linn Talks About His Career Change
The ‘CSI:Miami’ actors shares his late-in-life decision to head for Hollywood.

Feb 19 - ‘CSI’ Gets An Official Wiki
CBS launches an official wiki site for ‘CSI.’ Find out more about where you can find this site and what it offers.

Feb 19 - 'CSI:Miami' Blog Updated
Check out the latest entry in the popular ‘CSI:Miami’ writer’s blog. Freelance writer / executive producer’s assistant Dominic Abeyta shares a couple of interesting tidbits about writing his first episode.

Feb 19 - Ratings Round-Up
Once again ‘CSI’ took second to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ while ‘CSI:Miami’ and ‘CSI:NY’ won their timeslots. Get all the details on last week’s ratings!

Feb 16 - Louise Lombard Lands Starring Role
Find out more about the ‘CSI’ actress’ title role in ABC’s drama pilot ‘Judy’s Got a Gun.’

Feb 16 - CBS Picks Up ‘The Man’
CBS has picked up Anthony Zuiker’s pilot for a new one-hour drama called ‘The Man.’ Find out more!

Feb 16 - Caruso And Rodriguez Discuss ‘CSI:Miami’’s Explosive Two-Parter
The CSI:Miami stars sat down to share a little bit about the recently aired two-part storyline in which Rodriguez’s character gets shot. They also poke fun at Caruso’s one-liners. Find out where you can watch the video!

Feb 15 - Review: CSI: New York--'Heart Of Glass'
Danny and Angell investigat the murder of a woman found dead in a bathtub, while Mac and Stella are on the case of a man killed by a shard of glass from his fishtank.

Feb 15 - Review: CSI: Miami--'No Man's Land'
Horatio faces off against an old enemy responsible for the theft of a cache of weapons and the deaths of several police officers.

Feb 12 - Interview: Corinne Marrinan
The Academy Award winning 'CSI' Associate Producer takes fans inside her new 'CSI' book, 'Ultimate CSI,' previews upcoming 'CSI' products and shares funny stories from the set.

Feb 12 - First “Empty Eyes” Plot Details Revealed
In the 18th ‘CSI’ episode of the season, six Las Vegas showgirls are raped and murdered in the house they share. This crime takes an emotional toll on one of the CSIs, who finds one of the victims alive and comforts her as she dies. Major spoilers inside!

Feb 11 - ‘CSI’’s William Petersen On The Cover Of TV Guide
Now that William Petersen has returned to Las Vegas, find out what’s in store for Grissom. Minor spoilers inside!

Feb 11 - It’s More Than Just The Overcoats
Sinise talks about what makes ‘CSI:NY’ different than the other two installments of the popular franchise, while Kanakaredes, Giovinazzo and Harper also share interesting tidbits about the show.

Feb 11 - Ratings Round-Up
‘CSI:NY’ faced it’s toughest competition of the season and came out on top. ‘CSI:Miami’ also won it’s timeslot, while ‘CSI’ lost to‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Get all the details on last week’s ratings!

Feb 8 - Review: CSI: New York--'Some Buried Bones'
Nelly Furtado guest stars as a wily shoplifter who might be responsible for the murder of a security guard in an upscale store.

Feb 5 - Ratings Round-Up
‘CSI:Miami’ and ‘CSI:NY’ reruns won their timeslots last week, while a new episode of ‘CSI’ came in second to ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Get all the details on last week’s ratings!

Feb 5 - 'CSI:Miami' Blog Updated
Check out the latest entry in the ‘CSI:Miami’ blog to learn interesting tidbits about the episode “Throwing Heat” from it’s writer, Krystal Houghton.

Feb 2 - First ‘A Grizzly Murder’ Plot Details Revealed
In the 17th ‘CSI:Miami’ episode of the season, a group guy friends from college go on a hunting trip together and find themselves on the line for the murder of one of their own, as well as a prostitute and her bodyguard. Major spoilers inside!

Feb 2 - Cannon To Direct ‘Cure’
‘CSI’ franchise Executive Producer Danny Cannon has been tapped to direct and executive produce a new drama pilot for Fox.

Feb 2 - It's A Girl!
‘CSY:NY’’s Anna Belknap gives birth to her first child.

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