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News Headlines for August 2008

Aug 31 - Zuiker Creates New Spin On Crime Novels
Reading becomes a muti-platform experience.

Aug 29 - Harper And Fox Support Obama
Two stars of the 'CSI' franchise attend the Democratic National Convention.

Aug 29 - Season Eight DVD Details Revealed
The strike-shortened season of 'CSI' hits store shelves in October.

Aug 28 - This Looks Like A Case 'Of Inhuman Bondage'
Things get kinky for the 'CSI' team, and a familiar face returns in the fifth episode of the season. Major spoilers inside!

Aug 28 - 'For Warrick' Promo Available
The season nine premiere of 'CSI' finds one team member in mortal peril. Full transcript inside!

Aug 27 - Echikunwoke Brings 'Savvy And Humor' To 'Miami'
Horatio gets a new full-time addition to his team.

Aug 27 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Golden Parachute'
CSI Files revisits the episode which kicked off 'Miami''s first season in which the team investigates the crash of a private jet.

Aug 24 - Rambo: Don't Miss It!
The 'CSI' writer/producer discusses the process of creating episodes and talks about season nine. Spoilers inside!

Aug 24 - This Week On 'CSI'
Repeats offer a ruthless private investigator and a series of unfortunate events.

Aug 22 - Rodriguez: The Tension Is Building
Two 'Miami' stars discuss romantic chemistry. Potential spoilers inside.

Aug 22 - Fishburne Didn't Watch 'CSI'
The new addition to the flagship series talks about joining the franchise. Possible spoilers inside.

Aug 21 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Cross Jurisdictions'
Fight the summer rerun blues with new reviews of classic 'CSI' episodes, starting with the crossover that launched 'CSI: Miami'!

Aug 20 - Premiere Details Revealed
The new season picks up where the old season left off. Plot details and cast information inside.

Aug 20 - Petersen's Costars Confirmed
The cast for 'Dublin Carol' is announced. Also, Petersen has another play in store next summer.

Aug 19 - 'CSI' Gets A 'Fun, Spunky And Sassy' New Scientist
Las Vegas has a new lady in the lab. Possible spoilers inside.

Aug 19 - Veasey: We Want To Shock Them
TV Guide takes a look at the upcoming premiere of 'New York'. Spoilers inside!

Aug 19 - Fishburne Joins 'CSI'
The actor has been confirmed for season nine. Spoilers inside.

Aug 18 - This Week On 'CSI'
Repeats feature a dilemma for Alexx, the introduction of the taxi cab killer and a haunting multiple homicide.

Aug 17 - 'New York' Visits The High Line
Actors film on location for the premiere. Spoilers inside.

Aug 12 - Helgenberger Is Healthy And Happy
The 'CSI' actress discusses her lifestyle.

Aug 12 - Lipsitz and Lea Join 'Criminal Intent'
Two former 'New York' writers head to 'Law and Order'.

Aug 11 - This Week On 'CSI'
Repeats offer a dead bride, the return of one of NYC's most wanted criminals and a clue from the miniature killer.

Aug 9 - Horatio's Team Deals With A Real 'Head Case'
A teenager is murdered, and Delko has a connection to the victim in the third episode of 'Miami'. Major spoilers inside!

Aug 7 - Alexander Makes Her Way To New Orleans
The former 'Miami' actress is set to star in a new series.

Aug 7 - Fishburne In Talks To Join 'CSI'
Producers eye actor as Grissom's replacement. Spoilers inside.

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