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News Headlines for August 2007

Aug 31 - Miller Dishes Out 'Miami' Info
The writer gives insight into the characters and how he feels about criticism. Minor spoilers inside.

Aug 31 - LaRue: I Need To Take Care Of Myself
The 'Miami' actress keeps an eye on her health.

Aug 30 - Born Performer
Sinise is at home on stage and screen.

Aug 30 - The Buddy-Buddy System
Eads and Dourdan talk about character relationships on 'CSI'.

Aug 30 - Sara's Fate Will Finally Be Revealed
First look at the 'CSI' premiere. Minor spoilers inside.

Aug 29 - There's Something Fishy Going On In Las Vegas
The 'CSI' team looks into the death of a young man with uncommon attributes. Also, Catherine delves into her father's past. Major spoilers inside!

Aug 27 - Separating Fact From Fiction
A former 'CSI' consultant discusses the show.

Aug 27 - Insects, Roller Coasters And...Letters From Jail?
Petersen and Fox discuss their characters.

Aug 25 - The Cast Of 'CSI': Holy Crap!
Get a sneak peek at the season premiere of 'CSI'. Minor spoilers.

Aug 25 - The Women Of 'CSI'
The three female showrunners of the franchise are profiled.

Aug 24 - CSI: Laundry
A real-life CSI catches her cheating husband--and loses her job.

Aug 24 - 'Ultimate CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
Marrinan pens a book about 'CSI'.

Aug 22 - Spoilers Ahoy!
Mendelsohn shares information about Catherine, Nick, the lab techs and more. Spoilers inside!

Aug 22 - Mendelsohn: I Love The Blood, Guts, Gore And Mystery
The 'CSI' executive producer talks about her career. Minor spoilers inside!

Aug 22 - Venture 'Down The Rabbit Hole' In NYC
Mac Taylor and the rest of the team delve into the world of 'Second Life' in the fifth episode of the new season. Major spoilers inside!

Aug 21 - 'Miami' Gets Turned 'Inside Out'
When several men escape from a prison transport bus, Horatio has to find them before they hurt someone he cares for. Major spoilers inside!

Aug 20 - Jessica Lucas Joins 'CSI'
The cast gets a new team member.

Aug 20 - Bruckheimer Searches For Gold Again
CBS orders pilot for a new adventure drama show.

Aug 20 - Adam Is Here To Stay
Buckley becomes a series regular.

Aug 16 - Time Runs Out On 'CSI: New York'
Time travel isn't all it's cracked up to be in the fourth episode of 'New York''s fourth season. Major spoilers inside!

Aug 13 - Doing A Little Bit Of Soul Searching
Berman gets the ball rolling on another television series.

Aug 13 - The 'CSI' Franchise Is Buzzing With Spoilers
The new seasons will boast a running storyline for Grissom and a new character for 'Miami'. Spoilers inside!

Aug 13 - CSI: Real Life
People involved in law enforcement weigh in on the 'CSI effect'.

Aug 10 - 'CSI' Goes To Hell
Two dead parents and one missing daughter send the CSIs on a frantic search in which things aren't always what they seem. Major spoilers inside!

Aug 9 - Interview: Peter Lenkov
The 'CSI: NY' co-executive producer tells CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about writing the show's exciting third season finale, his love for the 'CSI' franchise and what's in store for Mac Taylor and his team in season four. Spoilers inside!

Aug 7 - Canada Says 'No' To New York
The History Television must pull 'CSI: New York' from its schedule.

Aug 7 - Lt Dan Honors Fallen Heroes
Sinise and his band raise money for a 9/11 memorial.

Aug 7 - Don't Try This At Home
A gun accident claims a man's life after he watches 'CSI'.

Aug 7 - Fifteen Minutes Of Fame
'Cyber-lebrity' introduces the 'Miami' team to the world of online celebrities, and Horatio must deal with some personal concerns. Major spoilers inside!

Aug 6 - Guiding The Next Generation
Harper acknowledges the importance of mentorship.

Aug 6 - 'It's About Being A Good Storyteller'
Littman discusses what it means to be a TV producer.

Aug 5 - Cochrane Joins 'The Company'
The TNT mini-series premieres tonight.

Aug 3 - Murder In The Fast Lane
Thieves in fancy cars target the rich in the third episode of 'New York'. Major spoilers inside!

Aug 2 - Interview: Rory Cochrane
The former 'CSI: Miami' actor tells CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about his guest appearance in an upcoming episode of 'Miami,' what it was like being back on set and his upcoming movie and TNT miniseries. 'Miami' spoilers inside!

Aug 2 - It's All In The Presentation
Two 'CSI' lab techs speak to students.

Aug 2 - Top Of The Heap
Petersen is the highest paid primetime actor.

Aug 2 - True Crime
TV meets reality for fans of forensic dramas on 'Murder'.

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