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News Headlines for April 2007

Apr 27 - First ‘Born To Kill’ Plot Details Revealed
In the ‘CSI:Miami’ season finale, the team investigates the murder of a young woman whose body has been marked with the signature of a serial killer. Major spoilers inside!

Apr 27 - Lawrence Visits The Dark Side
Actor Joey Lawrence discusses his three-episode arc on ‘CSI:NY’ and what he likes about the ‘CSI’ shows.

Apr 26 - Review: CSI: New York--'Past Imperfect'
Mac tracks a serial killer recently released from prison on a technicality when the man starts killing again.

Apr 26 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Just Murdered'
An ugly divorce turns even nastier when the bodies of three people connected to the couple turn up.

Apr 26 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Rush'
The CSIs investigate the murder of a movie star after his body is discovered in the trunk of a stunt vehicle.

Apr 24 - Murderous Location Shoots
On location with ‘CSI:Miami,” a guest actor discusses all the horrific incidents he’s lived through in Miami.

Apr 24 - ‘CSI’ Coroner Talks
‘CSI’’s Robert David Hall shares the story of his disability, his thoughts on William Petersen and his plans for the upcoming hiatus.

Apr 24 - ‘CSI’ Star Contract Due To Expire
Jorja Fox’s contract expires next month. Find out what this could mean for the show. Major spoilers inside!

Apr 21 - ‘Just Murdered’ Promo Available Online
Miami’s nastiest divorce gets even worse when the husband’s mistress turns up dead. Full trailer transcript inside!

Apr 21 - ‘Just Murdered’ Promo Available Online
Miami’s nastiest divorce gets even worse when the husband’s mistress turns up dead. Full trailer transcript inside!

Apr 21 - Ratings Round-Up
This week, ‘CSI:Miami’ was the only installment in the franchise to claim a clear win. Find out all about this week’s ratings!

Apr 20 - Canadian Students Investigate ‘CSI’
A lucky group of film students from Canada’s Capilano College spent a week in Los Angeles filming a featurette on the making of ‘CSI.’ Find out about their experience and where you can go to read their daily production dairy!

Apr 20 - Joey Lawrence Blossoms Into A Serial Killer
Joey Lawrence will guest star on ‘CSI:NY’ in a role that will challenge Mac professionally. Major spoilers!

Apr 19 - First ‘Living Doll’ Plot Details Revealed
The miniature killer returns in the ‘CSI’ season finale, this time the intended target is one of the Las Vegas team members. Major spoilers inside!

Apr 18 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Bloodlines'
When a call girl Horatio helped previously wakes up with a dead john by her side and no memory of what happened, she calls on the trusty 'Miami' CSI to help her out.

Apr 17 - Harper Discusses The ‘CSI Effect’ On Courtrooms
‘CSI:NY’’s Hill Harper shares his thoughts on the well-known ‘CSI effect’ with the nation’s lawyers.

Apr 17 - Proctor Races On Familiar Turf
‘CSI:Miami’ star Emily Procter lit up the streets of Long Beach, California on Saturday in the Toyota Pro-Celebrity Race. Find out which mega-star her car collided with!

Apr 14 - Ratings Round-Up
The ‘CSI’ franchise scored a ratings trifecta this week, as all three installments won their timeslots. Get the full story on last week’s ratings.

Apr 14 - Dourdan Dating Clooney’s Ex
‘CSI’ actor Gary Dourdan is dating Clooney ex Lisa Snowdon. Find out more!

Apr 13 - Go Behind The Scenes With ‘CSI:Miami’
CBS.com boasts a new Behind the Scenes section for the Miami installment of the popular ‘CSI’ franchise. The section includes a deleted scene, best moments of the season and a photo gallery. Find out more!

Apr 12 - CBS Planning To Expand Online Availability
The network is close to announcing agreements to distribute shows on more websites, including MSN and AOL. Find out more!

Apr 12 - Want To Party With Adam Rodriguez?
Find out all about an exciting opportunity to win 2 tickets to the VIP party for his new movie “Take”!

Apr 12 - Review: CSI: New York--'What Schemes May Come'
The CSIs are surprised to discover a connection between a man dressed as a knight killed in Central Park and a dead man in a nearby penthouse suite.

Apr 12 - First ‘Kill Switch’ Plot Details Revealed
In the 23rd episode of the season, the ‘CSI:Miami’ team works to solve the murder of a carjacker, who is found dead on the beach just one hour after Ryan reveals his identity on television. Major spoilers inside!

Apr 11 - David Caruso On the Cover Of TV Guide
Find out what the ‘CSI:Miami’ star has to say about fatherhood, Horatio’s journey and the fact that everyone seems to have a Horatio impression.

Apr 11 - Zuiker Discusses Season Three of ‘CSI:NY’
With the third season of the third installment of the ‘CSI’ franchise rolling out on AXN, franchise creator Anthony Zuiker discusses the Mac/Peyton and Danny/Lindsay relationships, the casting of Edward Furlong and more!

Apr 10 - Dr. T Speaks For The Dead
Dr. Gary Telgenhoff, forensics consultant to ‘CSI’, clarifies what real life CSIs really do and more!

Apr 10 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Empty Eyes'
Six Las Vegas showgirls are found brutally murdered in their home and the case hits Sara personally when she comes across one of them just before the girl dies.

Apr 6 - Is ‘CSI:NY’ Important To Canadian History?
Alliance Atlantis owned History channel in Canada is in regulatory hot water for airing ‘CSI:NY’ in possible violation of it’s license mandate. Find out more!

Apr 6 - Jorja Fox Talks
The ‘CSI’ star dishes about the collaborative nature of the show, the sense of community among the cast members, her wildest moment and more!

Apr 6 - ‘CSI:Miami’ Character Ripped From The Headlines
The Miami-set installment of the forensics drama seeks a bald Britney type for an upcoming episode. Read more!

Apr 4 - Are You Dying To Be On ‘CSI’?
Beginning with the April 26th episode, viewers of the top-rated crime drama will have an opportunity to be entered into a sweepstakes to be selected to play a dead body on the show. Find out more about this fun opportunity!

Apr 4 - ‘The Good, The Bad And The Dominatrix’ Plot Details Revealed
The 23rd ‘CSI’ episode of the season marks the return of Lady Heather. Also young pickpocket Ann Moroney is the victim of a fatal hit and run. Major spoilers inside!

Apr 2 - Interview: Adam Rodriguez
'CSI: Miami''s Eric Delko talks with CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about Delko's brush with death, how the shooting has changed his character and what's coming up for Delko in the romance department. Spoilers inside!

Apr 3 - ‘CSI:NY’ Goes On Location To Find That New York State Of Mind
‘CSI:NY’ recently made one of their twice yearly trips to New York to bring back a feeling one can’t find on a California sound stage. Find out more!

Apr 3 - Ratings Round-Up
‘CSI’ and ‘CSI:Miami’ won their timeslots, while ‘CSI:NY’ split with ‘Lost.’ Get the full story on last week’s ratings.

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