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Week of November 22, 2004

By Chris Fullman
Posted at November 28, 2004 - 9:14 PM GMT

It's been quite a busy week over here for me. With work and the holiday weekend, it wasn't quite as restful as I had hoped. To top it all off, I had one heck of a migraine, which ruined quite a few plans. It left sometime middle of Sunday morning, allowing me to get much needed rest. So I spent the first half of Sunday catching up with CSI, and Miami has thrown a loop for me.

CSI: Miami -- "Pirated"

A latin theme in this episode was heavily present, especially for the first half of the episode. I started to think that it was greatly misplaced, until the second half of the episode began, and I started to see the connection. After that, the music began to fit well and blend.

But what really struck me off guard was the final segment. The strong solo piano, the strings, and the vocals, all under heavy reverb, ended up to be a very moving, touching, heart felt piece. The scene was accompanied perfectly with this piece, could it be a hint of what's to come with these two new composers? I hope so.

CSI: New York -- "Three Generations Are Enough"

Our episode's theme can be heard in the beginning of Stella searching the sanctuary around the pews, with a nice muted guitar rhythm in accompaniment with piano chords, synth, drums and heavy reverb. An interesting mark in the song is when it broke for about 10 seconds as Stella looked over a key piece of evidence, then resumed with the drums and rhythm.

Later, during the search and wrap-up of the car, the theme morphed into a more electronic/grungy feel, with added guitars and distortion, instead of the piano. This transition fit well, because the makeup of the sets and change of lighting were dramatic; from the ethereal glow of the church to the harshly-lit and dark alleyway.

The featured song in this episode is: [Currently unidentified - Can you identify it? If so: email me!]

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation -- "Mea Culpa"

With the holiday weekend and the dramatic changes that went on with the show, I'm still trying to process this episode musically. From what I recall it was a mostly ambient-atmospheric based episode, which leads to little material to review upon. Let's see how the beginning of a split team works for CSI music-wise.

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