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Week of December 1, 2004

By Chris Fullman
Posted at December 6, 2004 - 4:48 AM GMT

Apologies, due to a busy week and me coming down with Bronchitis (hooray), this review is a bit late (and short, I might add). It was a light week on music for CSI, especially with the flagship series in a rerun schedule.

CSI: Miami -- "After the Fall"

I suspected from the previous episode that the new composers may have finally gotten comfortable with their new digs, as their compositions have improved greately in the past 2 episodes, and this episode continues that theory. Sadly, their music is mainly kept as 5-15 second bumpers and transitions during commercials and a change of scene.

Hopefully we'll see if they can get their music to become the foreground it once was with Graeme Revell's previous scores for the show.

CSI: New York -- "Officer Blue"

Bill Brown also seems to be getting more comfortable with his slot as composer for NY. This episode's score was moving, with a sense of emotional attachment both to the officer, the characters, and the horse itself. During the scene where the horse is being visited before its surgery, there is an ambient sadness that is brought forth from the music.

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