CSI Files News Archives

Sep 11 - 'The Conversation'
Hill Harper's third book finds the 'CSI: NY' actor examining relationships between Black men and women in the hopes of opening a dialogue between the two sexes.

Sep 8 - 'Level 26: Dark Origins'
CSI Files reviews 'Level 26: Dark Origins', the first Digi-Novel from 'CSI' creator Anthony E Zuiker. An elite unit tries to track down the ruthless serial killer known as Sqweegel, the only criminal placed in the category of 'Level 26'.

May 23 - CSI: Miami--'Seeing Red'
After Russian mobster Ivan Sarnoff escapes from prison, Horatio goes on a mission to track him down.

May 19 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'All In'
The ninth season finale of 'CSI' finds the team investigating the murder of a man found shot to death and dumped from a car.

May 19 - CSI: Miami--'All In'
The CSIs must find Calleigh, who has been kidnapped by two men determined to cover up a murder.

May 15 - CSI: New York--'Pay Up'
Mac and company are on the hunt for the kidnappers responsible for taking the life of a beloved NYPD officer.

May 15 - CSI: New York--'Grounds For Deception'
The murder of a Greek smuggler leads Stella on a quest to bust an antiquities theft ring--and to discover the truth about her own past.

May 13 - CSI: Miami--'Dissolved'
Horatio has his hands full when Ron Saris becomes a key witness and his ex Julia begins to unravel completely while Dr. Price finds she can no longer keep her secret.

May 12 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Hog Heaven'
During the course of an investigation into the murder of a member of a biker gang, Brass discovers he has an unexpected connection to the victim.

May 9 - CSI: Miami--'Collateral Damage'
Horatio and his team track a bomber that killed two people after a grenade explodes at lunchtime in a Miami restaurant.

May 7 - CSI: New York--'Greater Good'
While Mac pursues a two-year old case that he's certain resulted in the wrong man going to prison, Danny and Lindsay prepare for the birth of their child.

May 7 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Gone Dead Train'
Doc Robbins persuades Catherine and Langston to help him get to the bottom of a series of mysterious deaths after three bodies land in his morgue in the space of two weeks.

Apr 30 - CSI: New York--'Yahrzeit'
Mac and company find themselves facing off against an old foe when a man murdered at an auction house proves to have a connection to Neo-Nazi Michael Elgers.

Apr 30 - CSI: Miami--'Dead On Arrival'
After a reality show contestant is discovered dead in a limo, the Miami team investigates the people involved with the show to find her killer.

Apr 29 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'If I Had A Hammer'
Catherine goes back to her first solo case as a CSI when the man convicted of the crime is able to get the case reopened.

Apr 23 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'A Space Oddity'
Hodges and Wendy are surprised to run into each other at a science fiction convention--and even more shocked when the convention turns into a crime scene.

Apr 16 - CSI: NY--'The Past, Present And Murder'
When a man crashes through the window of media mogul Robert Dunbrook's office, Mac is convinced there's more to the story than Dunbrook is admitting.

Apr 16 - CSI: Miami--'Chip/Tuck'
After the remains of a plastic surgeon are found in a wood chipper, the Miami team must find out who wanted him dead.

Apr 15 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Descent Of Man'
Three cases challenge the CSIs: the sabotage of a skydiver's equipment, the death of a monk in the desert and the murder of two men in the backyard of a mansion.

Apr 10 - CSI: New York--'Prey'
Mac Taylor and his team investigate the murder of a vocal coach and are surprised to discover the evidence is connected to a lecture Stella gave at a university.

Apr 4 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Mascara'
Ray Langston is thrown when he finds his latest case involves the murder of his former protege in the show's 200th episode.

Apr 1 - CSI Miami--'Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing'
The Russian mob kidnaps the son of Ryan's Gamblers' Anonymous sponsor and forces the CSI to compromise a case the team is working.

Mar 26 - CSI: NY--'Communication Breakdown'
What first appears to be an open-and-shut case turns out to be anything but when a Native American chief is found dead on a train.

Mar 26 - CSI: Miami--'Target Specific'
The Miami CSIs find themselves in danger during the course of an investigation, leading to the kidnapping of a member of the team.

Mar 19 - CSI: New York--'Point Of No Return'
The team is surprised and saddened to be investigating the murder of Anabel Pino, the wife of former ME Marty Pino, after she's found shot to death in a hotel room.

Mar 18 - CSI: Miami--'Flight Risk'
The Miami team is called into action after a flight attendant's body tumbles out with luggage from a San Diego flight.

Mar 16 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'No Way Out'
In the aftermath of a multiple homicide, Langston and Riley are taken hostage by a pair of suspects who are hiding out in the basement of a house.

Mar 12 - CSI: NY--'Green Piece'
A van explodes in front of a man's house, killing his daughter and leading the CSIs to suspect the bomb was set by terrorists.

Mar 10 - CSI: Miami--'Divorce Party'
While the team investigates the murder of a man found hung at his wife's divorce party, Horatio gives Kyle a job in the morgue as an intern.

Mar 7 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Turn, Turn, Turn'
Taylor Swift guest stars as a murder victim whose death has a big impact on Nick, who got to know her over the course of a year while investigating other deaths at the hotel.

Mar 4 - CSI: Miami--'Sink Or Swim'
Delko encounters problems of a personal nature while working a case when the immigration department investigates his status as a citizen.

Feb 28 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Kill Me If You Can'
The team investigates the deaths of an art collector, an actress and a PI and is surprised to find a link between all three.

Feb 26 - CSI: New York--'No Good Deed'
After an eyeball falls from a bird's grip into Stella's coffee, the team finds themselves hunting the killer of a man found buried in a flower bed.

Feb 25 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Miscarriage Of Justice'
The CSIs are forced to reevaluate a case after a suicide brings to light a new suspect in the murder.

Feb 19 - CSI: New York--'The Party's Over'
The blue flu hits the NYPD just as Mac and his team are tasked with discovering who murdered the deputy mayor at a fundraiser.

Feb 14 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Deep Fried And Minty Fresh'
Langston, Nick and Riley work a homicide at a fast food restaurant while Catherine and Greg must find out who fatally poisoned a woman with toothpaste.

Feb 12 - CSI: New York--'She's Not There'
A man is killed in Times Square, leading the CSIs to a sex trafficking ring operating in New York City.

Feb 12 - CSI: Miami--'Presumed Guilty'
Horatio faces off against an unscrupulous defense attorney after learning his client has been wrongfully convicted of murder.

Feb 5 - CSI: Miami--'Smoke Gets In Your CSIs'
Calleigh inhales a dangerous amount of smoke when she and Ryan are caught in a fire at a crime scene.

Feb 3 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Disarmed And Dangerous'
What first appears to be an open-and-shut case turns out to be anything but when the team uncovers a startling piece of information about the murder victim.

Jan 27 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Grave Shift'
In the wake of Grissom's departure, Professor Raymond Langston joins the team as a CSI Level 1 and tackles two cases on his first day.

Jan 22 - CSI New York--'Rush To Judgment'
After a suspect dies while Flack is interrogating him, the detective finds himself the subject of an IAB investigation.

Jan 22 - CSI: Miami--'And They're Offed'
Ryan rushes to the aid of his gambler's anonymous sponsor only to find that the man is involved with the Russian mob.

Jan 20 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'One To Go'
The conclusion of Grissom's final case involves a desperate manhunt for a student from Langston's class who is an accomplice of the Dick and Jane Killer.

Jan 15 - CSI: New York--'Help'
Hawkes is thrown when he finds evidence linking the rape and murder of a subway musician to an attack on his ex-girlfriend eight years ago.

Jan 15 - CSI: Miami--'Head Case'
Delko connects with a man found wandering in the middle of traffic with blood covering his clothes who claims he can't remember what happened to him.

Dec 18 - CSI: New York--'Forbidden Fruit'
The CSIs are surprised to learn that a man killed fleeing the scene after trying to get rid of the body of a woman wasn't actually her murderer.

Dec 18 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'19 Down'
After announcing he's leaving CSI, Grissom works his final case with the team, one that has connections to a dangerous, sadistic serial killer.

Dec 17 - CSI: Miami--'Tipping Point'
A man is shot, buried alive and killed by a drill at a construction site, leaving the Miami team to find out who put him in the ground.

Dec 11 - CSI: NY--'The Triangle'
The CSIs must determine who--and what--killed a security guard who literally fried to death in the back of an armored truck.

Dec 10 - CSI: Miami--'The DeLuca Motel'
Delko finds himself in the middle of a crime scene when a young man's body is discovered in the pool at the motel where Delko is staying.

Dec 8 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Young Man With A Horn'
The Vegas team tackles the case of a girl found dead after storming out of rehearsals for a reality TV talent competition, which proves to have a link to a decades old murder.

Dec 3 - CSI: Miami--'Power Trip'
Two mysterious deaths and an attack leave the CSIs to grapple with a police officer who is willing to do anything to catch the killer.

Nov 27 - CSI: New York--'The Box'
A decomposed body is discovered in a car at a wrecking lot; Danny is stunned when Lindsay tells him she's pregnant.

Nov 26 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda'
Grissom grapples with the past when he goes to testify in a hearing to determine whether Natalie Davis, the miniature crime scene killer, is ready to be transferred from a psychiatric hospital to prison.

Nov 25 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Say Uncle'
Grissom and his team search for a young boy they believe witnessed a double homicide in Koreatown.

Nov 20 - CSI: New York--'My Name Is Mac Taylor'
In the second 'CSI' spin-off's 100th episode, the New York team tracks a killer targeting people named Mac Taylor

Nov 20 - CSI: Miami--'Gone Baby Gone'
'Miami' passes the 150 mark with this episode that pits the team against the abductors of a baby.

Nov 19 - CSI: Miami--'Cheating Death'
Horatio and his team must uncover the truth when woman wakes up and discovers a dead man handcuffed to the bed next to her.

Nov 13 - CSI: New York--'Dead Inside'
While the team delves into the case of a home relocation manager found bludgeoned to death, Flack tries to help his troubled sister.

Nov 10 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Leave Out All The Rest'
Grissom seeks out Lady Heather after receiving a goodbye message from Sara while the rest of the team investigates a double homicide.

Nov 6 - CSI: New York--'Enough'
Three drug dealers are killed on the same night in the same manner, just before they stand trial for murder.

Nov 6 - CSI: Miami--'Wrecking Crew'
After a witness in a case against a mob boss is killed before her very eyes, Calleigh is determined to bring the man's killer to justice.

Oct 31 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Let It Bleed'
While Nick investigates the death of a man who chose suicide over capture, the rest of the team delves into the murder of a drug lord's daughter.

Oct 30 - CSI: New York--'The Cost Of Living'
After an archaeologist is murdered, the CSIs learn he might have uncovered a priceless artifact.

Oct 30 - CSI: Miami--'Bombshell'
The CSIs investigate the murder of a woman who died after a bomb inside the dress she's trying on explodes.

Oct 30 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Art Imitates Life'
The CSIs are joined by new team member Riley Adams as they hunt a serial killer who poses his victims.

Oct 23 - CSI: New York--'Sex, Lies and Silicone'
After a consultant is murdered, the CSIs search for her missing flash drive, which could be the key to her killer's identity.

Oct 22 - CSI: Miami--'Raging Cannibal'
The violent deaths of two men in the Florida Everglades leads Horatio and his team back to the Russian mob.

Oct 20 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Happy Place'
Grissom and Sara reconnect while he investigates the brutal murder of a woman with a gambling problem and she finds herself drawn back in by an old case.

Oct 17 - CSI: Miami--'And How Does It Make You Kill?'
The team investigates the murder of a sixteen-year-old girl--the daughter of Delko's psychiatrist.

Oct 14 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'For Warrick'
Grissom and the Las Vegas team work their toughest case yet: the murder of Warrick Brown.

Oct 9 - CSI: New York--'Turbulence'
Mac Taylor's flight to Washington, D.C. is interrupted when the body of a man posing as an Air Marshal is discovered in the bathroom.

Oct 8 - CSI: Miami--'Won't Get Fueled Again'
The Miami CSIs are joined by a new ME as they investigate the death of a man who burned to death in the middle of a beach party.

Oct 2 - CSI: New York--'Page Turner'
Sid Hammerback's life hangs in the balance after he examines the body of a young woman who died as a result of thallium poisoning.

Sep 25 - CSI: New York--'Veritas'
Picking up where the fourth season left off, Mac Taylor leads a manhunt for the crafty bank robber who manipulated him.

Sep 24 - CSI: Miami--'Resurrection'
'Miami''s seventh season opens with the team forced to investigate a case that hits close to home: the apparent murder of Horatio Caine.

Sep 16 - CSI: Miami--'Wet Foot/Dry Foot'
When Alexx discovers a bullet in the remains of a man's torso found in the belly of a shark, the CSIs realize his death was not simply an accident at sea.

Aug 27 - CSI: Miami--'Golden Parachute'
Horatio Caine and Megan Donner work together to discover who was responsible for the crash of a small private jet in the episode that launched 'Miami''s first season.

Aug 21 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Cross Jurisdictions'
Catherine Willows meets Horatio Caine when evidence suggests the suspect in a double homicide in Las Vegas has fled to Miami, Florida.

June 16 - 'CSI: New York: Four Walls'
The first CSI Files book review analyzes Keith R.A. DeCandido's 'Four Walls,' which features a pair of murders in a correctional facility on Staten Island and the brutal murder of a young woman at a Bronx bakery.

May 22 - CSI: New York--'Hostage'
In the show's fourth season finale, Mac goes into a bank to prove a robber holding hostages wasn't responsible for the murder of the bank's manager.

May 22 - CSI: Miami--'Going Ballistic'
The show's sixth season finale finds Horatio and his team on the hunt for a shooter who guns down the new ME at a crime scene in broad daylight.

May 17 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'For Gedda'
Warrick's final episode finds the CSI the only suspect in the murder of mobster Lou Gedda after he's found standing over the body holding a gun.

May 15 - CSI: New York--'Taxi'
Mac and the team step up the hunt for the taxi cab killer after the murderer abducts Reed Garrett.

May 9 - CSI: Miami--'Rock And A Hard Place'
Alexx Woods' final episode begins with the murder of a drug dealer, and Horatio is shocked when the murder weapon is traced to Alexx's backyard.

May 8 - CSI: New York--'Personal Foul'
Mac has to deal with the fallout of the taxi cab serial killer when another body is found wrapped in tarp at Brill Park; Flack, Danny and Lindsay must discover who killed a man in front of an entire basketball stadium.

May 1 - CSI: New York--'Admissions'
While the taxi cab killer continues to roam the streets of New York City, the team pursues the killer of a guidance counselor at an elite prep school.

Apr 30 - CSI: Miami--'Tunnel Vision'
The CSIs investigate a bank robbery and the murder of an employee who may have been involved in the theft.

Apr 29 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Drops' Out'
When two women are found shot to death in separate apartments, the CSIs are surprised when they are able to connect both to club owner Drops.

Apr 24 - CSI: Miami--'To Kill A Predator'
The Miami team hunts for the person responsible for the murders of two men who were recently exposed as pedophiles on a popular television news program.

Apr 17 - CSI: New York--'Like Water For Murder'
The team discovers a serial killer is prowling the streets of New York City; a former colleague of Mac's is brought in to assess the lab's work.

Apr 17 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'A Thousand Days On Earth'
The Vegas team tackles a tough investigation when the body of a young girl is found in a packing box.

Apr 10 - CSI: New York--'Right Next Door'
The CSIs investigate a fire at Stella's apartment building, which first appears to be arson to cover up a murder.

Apr 5 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Grissom's Divine Comedy'
Grissom and his team investigate the death of a man who was set to testify against a gang leader before a grand jury.

Apr 3 - CSI: New York--'DOA For A Day'
The continuation of the storyline begun in 'Down the Rabbit Hole' opens with the team getting a lead on the assassin only to find her dead body in a warehouse.

Apr 2 - CSI: Miami--'All In'
The CSIs must find Calleigh, who has been kidnapped by two men determined to cover up a murder.

Apr 2 - CSI: Miami--'Ambush'
When Kathleen Newberry's body is discovered in a car at the bottom of a lake, Horatio suspects his ex-lover, Julia Winston, is involved in her death.

Mar 26 - CSI: Miami--'You May Now Kill The Bride'
In the first post-strike episode, Horatio and his team probe the murder of a bride shot dead just as she's about to say her wedding vows.

Feb 29 - Without A Trace--'Where And Why'
In the second part of the 'CSI'/'Without a Trace' crossover episode, Grissom travels to New York to help Jack Malone track a serial killer and recover his son.

Feb 29 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Who And What'
In the first half of the 'CSI'/'Without a Trace' crossover, Jack Malone arrives in Las Vegas after a young boy matching the description of a child abducted six years ago turns up dead.

Feb 29 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Who Are You?'
While Grissom and Nick investigate the discovery of a skeleton in the foundation of a house, Sara and Warrick must determine if a police officer is responsible for the death of a suspect.

Feb 26 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Friends And Lovers'
The team investigates the death of a teen in the desert, a dean at a school and a woman whose body is left in a dumpster.

Feb 26 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Pledging Mr. Johnson'
While Sara and Nick investigate the death of a fraternity pledge, Grissom and Catherine look into the death of a woman found in the lake.

Feb 21 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Crate And Burial'
Grissom and Sara investigate the kidnapping of a wealthy man's wife; Catherine and Warrick work to find out who ran down a young girl and left her for dead.

Feb 20 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Cool Change'
While new recruit Sara Sidle looks into Holly Gribbs' shooting, Grissom and Nick investigate the murder of a man who won the jackpot at the Monaco casino.

Feb 19 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Pilot'
Reluctant new CSI Holly Gribbs joins Grissom's graveyard shift team and gets a rapid introduction to the world of forensics.

Feb 13 - CSI: Miami--'Permanent Vacation'
Horatio and his team investigate the murder of a teen tourist in a hotel elevator.

Feb 7 - CSI: New York--'Playing With Matches'
The final 'CSI: NY' episode written before the writers strike finds the team investigating the deaths of a luge racer and a woman who drowned in a public restroom.

Feb 6 - CSI: Miami--'Miami Confidential'
The murder of an FBI informant leads the CSIs to uncover the unethical behavior of the agent working with her.

Jan 24 - CSI: New York--'All In The Family'
The New York team hunts a judge's murderer; Danny and Flack try to stop Rikki Sandoval from taking revenge on the man she blames for her son's death.

Jan 24 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Chick Chop Flick Shop'
The death of a B-movie actress leads the CSIs to investigate the strange employees of a bizarre horror film company.

Jan 15 - CSI: Miami--'Raising Caine'
The past comes back to haunt Horatio when his ex-lover Julia shows up as a suspect in his latest case, just as their son is set to go on trial for kidnapping.

Jan 12 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Bull'
The CSIs look into the death of a rodeo cowboy only to learn that his girlfriend was killed the same night he was.

Jan 10 - CSI: New York--'Happily Never After'
Fairy tales meet real life when a witchy hotel owner is slain, as is a young woman clad in a nightgown with 'Wendy' written on her chest.

Dec 20 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Lying Down With Dogs'
Warrick continues in his quest to bring down mobster Lou Gedda, putting his job at risk while Catherine and Nick investigate the murder of a woman who just received a philanthropic award.

Dec 13 - CSI: New York--'Child's Play'
While walking back from church with his ten-year-old neighbor, Danny rushes to the scene of a robbery, with tragic results.

Dec 12 - CSI: Miami--'Guerillas In The Mist'
After three men smuggling weapons are vaporized into nothingness, the Miami CSIs must track down the deadly weapon responsible when it disappears.

Dec 12 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Cockroaches'
Warrick's divorce and pill-popping takes its toll on him, and leads to him putting his job in jeopardy.

Nov 29 - CSI: New York--'The Thing About Heroes'
Following the clues left for him by the 333 caller, Mac journeys to Chicago and finally learns the identity of his stalker.

Nov 29 - CSI: Miami--'CSI: My Nanny'
The CSIs are on the trail of a nanny-killer after the young woman is discovered dead in the middle of a party at her employers' house.

Nov 26 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'You Kill Me'
As the team tries to bolster Grissom in the wake of Sara's depature, Hodges ends up providing an unexpected diversion when he presents the lab techs with a series of murderous scenarios.

Nov 22 - CSI: New York--'One Wedding And A Funeral'
The CSIs are on the trail of the person who killed a groom the night before his wedding; Stella receives a box of bloody puzzle pieces that lead her around Manhattan collecting clues.

Nov 22 - CSI: Miami--'Stand Your Ground'
Calleigh is wracked with guilt after she defends herself against an attack and causes a car to crash into a store, where a young woman is killed.

Nov 19 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Goodbye and Good Luck'
Sara is confronted by two suspects from a previous case, leading her to make an important decision about her future with the crime lab--and Grissom.

Nov 15 - CSI: New York--'Buzzkill'
While Stella, Lindsay and Flack investigate the death of a model at a billboard party in Times Square, Danny, Mac and Dr. Hawkes must track down a thief who shot a bartender during a robbery.

Nov 14 - CSI: Miami--'Chain Reaction'
The team investigates the murder of a model who turns out to be the wife of Horatio's nemesis; Kyle is the prime suspect in a murder.

Nov 8 - CSI: New York--'Commuted Sentences'
While Mac and Stella investigate the death of a rapist, Danny, Lindsay and Hawkes probe the death of a young woman at a museum, and all are surprised to find the cases are connected.

Nov 1 - CSI: New York--'Boo'
Danny and Lindsay head up to Amityville to figure out who killed an entire family; Mac and Stella investigate the second death of a man who apparently rose from his coffin.

Oct 31 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'A La Cart'
Nick and Warrick labor to find out what decapitated a teenage boy while Catherine and Nick probe the death of an octogenarian magazine scion in a trendy dining establishment.

Oct 31 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Go To Hell'
The CSIs investigate the death of a couple and their younger daughter while trying to find their missing elder daughter; Sara joins the swing shift.

Oct 31 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Case Of The Cross-Dressing Carp'
While the night shift looks into the hanging death of a teenage boy with breasts, the swing shift endeavors to determine whether the new Eclipse hotel is being built on a Native American burial ground.

Oct 31 - CSI: Miami--'Sunblock'
The CSIs pursue a serial killer who garrots his victims; Ryan Wolfe gets his job back at the lab.

Oct 30 - CSI: Miami--'Deep Freeze'
The 'Miami' team's investigation of a football star's death gets complicated when they learn the family wants his body cryogenically frozen.

Oct 25 - CSI: New York--'Down The Rabbit Hole'
With Adam's guidance, Mac enters the online world of Second Life to pursue a killer.

Oct 18 - CSI: New York--'Time's Up'
After a man confesses with his dying breath to killing another man in the future, the CSIs delve into the world of time travel.

Oct 16 - CSI: Miami--'Bang, Bang, Your Debt'
While working the case of a girl who died in a burning vehicle, Delko is thrown when he encounters Tim Speedle, who has been dead for three years, at the crime scene.

Oct 11 - CSI: New York--'You Only Die Once'
The New York team discovers a simple robbery is a lot more complex than it first appears when the thief escapes in a high tech getaway car--only to turn up dead hours later.

Oct 10 - CSI: Miami--'Inside Out'
After a criminal stages a daring escape, Horatio is shocked to learn the fugitive knows the identity of his son.

Oct 4 - CSI: New York--'The Deep'
The discovery of the body of a diver at a boat race leads the CSIs to discover a shocking conspiracy.

Oct 4 - CSI: Miami--'Cyber-lebrity'
Horatio and his team investigate the death of the boyfriend of a teen internet star while Horatio grapples with a threat to his life.

Oct 2 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Dead Doll'
In a follow-up to the cliffhanger at the end of 'Living Doll,' the CSIs must race against time to find Sara, who is trapped under a car in the desert.

Sep 27 - CSI: New York--'Can You Hear Me Now?'
The fourth season of 'CSI: NY' opens with Mac returning from London to investigate a murder committed in the crown of the Statue of Liberty, which leads him and his team on the hunt for a serial killer.

Sep 27 - CSI: Miami: 'Dangerous Son'
During the investigation of a murdered parole officer, Horatio is surprised to discover that one of the prime suspects is in fact his son in the first episode of 'Miami''s sixth season.

May 25 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Living Doll'
As the Vegas team closes in on the miniature crime scene killer, Grissom is stunned to learn the identity of the murder's next target.

May 17 - CSI: New York--'Snow Day'
Flack and his team seize millions of dollars worth of drugs from a gang, but the gang strikes back, taking Danny and Adam hostage and laying seige to the lab in an attempt to recover the drugs.

May 16 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Lab Rats'
While the CSIs are hard at work on a multitude of cases, Hodges assembles the lab techs to go over the miniature killer case evidence to see if they can come up with something the CSIs missed.

May 16 - CSI: Miami--'Born To Kill'
'Miami''s fifth season finale finds the team tracking a serial killer who carves Ys into his victims' chests only to learn there might be two killers after they arrest a likely suspect.

May 15 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Good, The Bad And The Dominatrix'
When Lady Heather is the victim of an attempted homicide, Grissom's involvement with Sara doesn't stop him from getting personally involved in the case.

May 12 - CSI: Miami--'Kill Switch'
After being fired by Stetler, Ryan takes a job as a newscaster for a tabloid news magazine and analyzes video footage to reveal the image of the carjacker only to have the man turn up dead on a beach a few hours later.

May 10 - CSI: New York--'...Comes Around'
John McEnroe guest stars as himself--and the subject of a murder investigation while Mac faces an internal inquiry into his actions the day serial killer Clay Dobson plunged to his death.

May 10 - CSI: Miami--'Burned'
While the Miami team endeavors to find an arsonist, Ryan faces his personal demons when his gambling habit is uncovered.

May 3 - CSI: New York--'Cold Reveal'
'Cold Case''s Scotty Valens shows up in New York after Stella's DNA links her to a ten-year-old case; Mac learns he's going to be the subject of an internal investigation.

Apr 26 - CSI: New York--'Past Imperfect'
Mac becomes fixated on a serial killer when he learns the man was released on a technicality after the arresting officer was brought up on murder charges himself.

Apr 26 - CSI: Miami--'Just Murdered'
The CSIs find themselves investigating multiple homicides after being called out to a domestic disturbance between a divorcing couple.

Apr 26 - CSI: Miami--'Rush'
An actor's murder leads the Miami CSIs behind the gates of a posh rehab center.

Apr 18 - CSI: Miami--'Bloodlines'
Horatio comes to the aid of Anna Sivarro, a prostitute he helped before, when she calls him frantic after waking up next to the dead body of the man she spent the night with.

Apr 12 - CSI: New York--'What Schemes May Come'
The CSIs puzzle over two apparently connected murders and a body stolen out of the ME's truck that comes back to life when fished out of the river.

Apr 10 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Empty Eyes'
The team is stunned when they find six dead Las Vegas showgirls with their throats slashed in the house where they live, and Sara is especially shaken when one of the victims dies in her arms.

Mar 22 - CSI: New York--'A Daze Of Wine And Roaches'
While Mac, Stella and Hawkes investigate the death of a rich teen's French tutor, Danny and Lindsay work the case of a chef found dead in his own wine cellar.

Mar 22 - CSI: Miami--'Triple Threat'
After a wealthy real estate developer is gunned down at a party, the CSIs learn both he and his wife are concealing surprising secrets about their identities.

Mar 22 - CSI: Miami--'A Grizzly Murder'
A hunting trip goes terribly awry when one of three friends is killed by a bear and bear lure is discovered on his vest.

Mar 14 - CSI: Miami--'Broken Home'
Delko, recovering from his gunshot wounds, is back on the case when the CSIs investigate the murder of a couple found dead outside the house where their daughter is babysitting.

Mar 1 - CSI: New York--'Sleight Out Of Hand'
While Mac and company endeavor to find out who is turning an illusionist's tricks into crime scenes, Lindsay testifies as an eyewitness at a murder trial in Montana.

Feb 28 - CSI: Miami--'Man Down'
As Delko recovers from a near-fatal shooting, Horatio attempts to track down the man behind the attack: Clavo Cruz.

Feb 23 - CSI: New York--'The Ride In'
Stella grapples with the possibility that she may have contracted HIV from a bloody piece of glass while she and Hawkes investigate the murder of a man protesting smoking outside a tobacco company.

Feb 15 - CSI: New York--'Heart Of Glass'
While investigating the death of a young music producer, Stella accidentally cuts herself with a piece of glass, only to learn the victim in the case was HIV positive.

Feb 15 - CSI: Miami--'No Man's Land'
When a dispo truck carrying weapons marked for destruction is attacked and its cargo stolen, Horatio finds the trail leads back to Clavo Cruz, who is serving a life sentence in jail for murder.

Feb 8 - CSI: New York--'Some Buried Bones'
Danny and Stella pursue a clever shoplifter played by singer Nelly Furtado while Mac, Hawkes and Flack work to find a college student's killer.

Jan 31 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Sweet Jane'
Michael Keppler, who has been brought in to run the day shift, helps the night shift team investigate the murder of a young woman who turns out to be the fourth victim of a serial killer.

Jan 30 - CSI: Miami--'Throwing Heat'
In the course of investigating the death of a young Cuban man, Frank Tripp accidentally steps on a charged landmine; Delko intervenes in a couple's argument only to find himself named in a lawsuit.

Jan 25 - CSI: New York--'The Lying Game'
The team investigates the murders of a drag queen and a businessman; Lindsay takes a leave of absence to go back to Montana to testify at the trial of the man accused of killing four of her friends.

Jan 18 - CSI: New York--'Obsession'
Danny and Hawkes investigate the murder of a man during a shopping cart race while Mac and Stella try to find out who killed a man in an upscale condo.

Jan 12 - CSI: Miami--"Internal Affairs"
When Nick Townsend turns up dead, Natalia becomes the prime suspect when the nightshift CSIs and Jake Berkeley are called in to investigate the murder.

Jan 10 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Leaving Las Vegas'
Catherine journeys out of town to investigate two murders that might be tied to a previous investigation while Grissom prepares to take off for his sabbatical.

Jan 9 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Loco Motives'
The miniature killer returns; the CSIs puzzle over the identity of a man halfway buried in concrete next to the dead body of a woman.

Jan 5 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Happenstance'
After identical twins are found dead the same night, Grissom and his team are surprised to learn the women never knew each other.

Dec 31 - CSI: Miami--'Come As You Are'
The investigation into the death of a military recruiter leads Horatio to another case involving a soldier under suspicion of shooting his own brother in Iraq.

Dec 31 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Post Mortem'
Grissom and his team are surprised when a miniature replica of a murder they're investigating turns up; Greg testifies at the inquest into the death of Demitrius James.

Dec 31 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Burn Out'
In a desperate attempt to recover two missing boys, an exhausted Grissom matches wits with the pedophile he's convinced is behind their disappearance.

Dec 16 - CSI: Miami--'Going, Going, Gone'
After a girl is found dead at the home of the host of a charity event, the Miami team is surprised to discover both Calleigh's ex-boyfriend Jake and the department of Homeland Security are both investigating the man.

Dec 14 - CSI: New York--'Silent Night'
The separate murders of two teens hits Lindsay hard, causing her to relive a painful memory from her past.

Dec 1 - CSI: New York--'Raising Shane'
When Hawkes is accused of killing a bartender, the New York team discover a surprising connection to an earlier case.

Nov 27 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Living Legend'
The Who's Roger Daltrey guest stars in this episode, in which the CSIs track a killer whose appearance keeps changing.

Nov 24 - CSI: New York--'Sweet 16'
The team investigates the murder of a man who races pigeons and the father of a girl having a lavish sweet sixteen birthday party.

Nov 23 - CSI: Miami--'If Looks Could Kill'
While the team investigates the murder of two male models, Natalia's ex-husband, Nick Townsend, reenters her life and makes trouble for her.

Nov 19 - CSI: Miami--'Darkroom'
The team must find Natalia Boa Vista's sister after she's abducted by a serial killer.

Nov 17 - CSI: New York--'And Here's To You, Mrs. Azrael'
A young woman survives a deadly car accident only to be smothered in her hospital bed, and the case brings up some troubling memories for Hawkes, who begins to question his abandonment of his former career.

Nov 15 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Double-Cross'
The team uncovers a love triangle turned deadly when they investigate the murder of a woman found crucified in a local church.

Nov 10 - CSI: New York--'Consequences'
Paintball proves a deadly sport when one paintballer is murdered and another disappears; Mac clashes with Flack over a drug bust.

Nov 8 - CSI: Miami--'High Octane'
The CSIs suspect there's more than just simple bad luck at work when a man's head is severed from his body during a dangerous stunt.

Nov 8 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Fannysmackin''
A wave of serial beatings sweeps Las Vegas, and Greg finds himself a victim when he steps in to rescue a man being attacked.

Nov 3 - CSI: New York--'Murder Sings The Blues'
Mac is surprised to discover that one of his team knew the victim in their latest case, and also to discover DNA on the young woman leads back to a man Mac once investigated for attempted murder.

Oct 26 - CSI: New York--'Open And Shut'
Stella grapples with a case that reminds her of Frankie's attack when a woman is found by two bodies--one that of her husband, the other of the man she says killed him.

Oct 25 - CSI: Miami--'Curse Of The Coffin'
A severed goat head, a computer that spontaneously combusts and a dead body that moves are all things that the CSIs have to contend with while investigating the murder of a woman who was beaten to death with a golf club.

Oct 24 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Toe Tags'
The morgue comes to life when the dead bodies sit up and talk as the CSIs endeavor to discover how they met their ends.

Oct 19 - CSI: New York--'Oedipus Hex'
Danny, Hawkes and Lindsay investigate the murder of a Suicide Girl while Mac and Stella look into the killing of a local basketball star.

Oct 19 - CSI: Miami--'Death Eminent'
When the body of a city councilman is found in a house on a street that has just been sold to a developer, Horatio finds himself pitted against his old nemesis, Judge Ratner.

Oct 17 - CSI: Miami--'Death Pool 100'
'Miami' turns 100 with an episode revolving around the murder of a socialite that leads the CSIs to a gambling ring built around guessing when famous people will die.

Oct 12 - CSI: New York--'Hung Out To Dry'
When the headless body of a sorority girl is discovered at a party, the CSIs must use their wits to unlock codes the killer has buried in a t-shirt found on the body.

Oct 6 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Built To Kill, Part 2'
While Grissom and Sara puzzle over both the life size crime scene and its miniature representation, Catherine attempts to find out who drugged her.

Oct 5 - CSI: New York--'Love Run Cold'
The CSIs investigate two chilly cases when a model is stabbed with an icicle and a dead marathon runner turns up with frostbite on his face...in 90 degree heat.

Oct 2 - CSI: Miami--'Going Under'
Driving on a back road with evidence from a murder in her car, Calleigh is run off the road into a canal.

Sep 28 - CSI: New York--'Not What It Looks Like'
The CSIs learn the robbery of a jewerly store turned out to be more than the robbers bargained for; the mummified body of the wife of a councilman is found in a building scheduled for demolition.

Sep 25 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Built To Kill, Part 1'
In the seventh season premiere, one of the CSIs becomes a victim of a crime after investigating the case of a woman found dead on the stage in the middle of a Cirque du Soleil show.

Sep 22 - CSI: New York--'People With Money'
In the third season opener, the CSIs pursue the killers of a wealthy young businessman and a party girl.

Sep 19 - CSI: Miami--'Rio'
In the fifth season opener, Horatio and Delko travel down to Brazil where drug lord Antonio Riaz has just been freed; Natalia Boa Vista struggles with her new job as a CSI.

Aug 15 - CSI: Senses
Explore the 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' game that asks you to use your senses of sight, hearing and feeling along with your powers of deduction to solve six cases.

May 26 - CSI: Miami--'One Of Our Own'
Horatio and Delko determine to catch the Mala Noche boss responsible for Marisol's murder; the mole in the lab is revealed.

May 20 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Way To Go'
Brass clings to life after being shot during a hostage negotiation and Grissom must decide whether he should have a risky surgery to remove the bullet.

May 18 - CSI: New York--'Charge Of This Post'
After Flack is gravely injured in a bombing, Mac pursues a serial bomber who claims he is setting explosives throughout the city as a "warning."

May 17 - CSI: Miami--'Rampage'
Horatio is devastated when his new wife, Marisol, is hit by a sniper's bullet, and begins a furious manhunt to find the person responsible.

May 13 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Bang Bang'
The CSIs race to discover if a man is responsible for the death of his wife and co-workers or if he's being set up by his brother.

May 11 - CSI: New York--'Heroes'
Vanessa Ferlito (Aiden Burn) makes a final appearance on 'CSI: NY' when Aiden's burned body is found in a car.

May 10 - CSI: Miami--'Shock'
While Calleigh and Ryan investigate the murder of an heiress found dead in her bathtub, Horatio and Delko track the origins of a designer drug she was taking.

May 8 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Time Of Your Death'
Grissom and co. are on the case when a man is found dead outside a hotel on the strip after a wild night.

May 4 - CSI: New York--'Stealing Home'
While Mac and Stella investigate the murder of a man in a polygamous marriage, Lindsay is shaken by the murder of a young woman from Montana.

May 2 - CSI: Miami--'Open Water'
As Horatio and Marisol decide to take their relationship to the next level, the team investigates the case of a man overboard who may have been pushed.

May 1 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation -- 'Rashomama'
Nick's car is stolen with the evidence from the CSIs' latest case in it, forcing them to rely on their memories, witness testimony and the little evidence that remains to solve the case.

Apr 27 - CSI: New York--'All Access'
While Danny and Lindsay work to discover who killed Kid Rock's limo driver, Flack helps Stella piece together the events that lead her to fatally shoot her boyfriend, Frankie.

Apr 26 - CSI: Miami--'Dead Air'
Horatio must find a woman who has been abducted and is being held for ransom; Delko is surprised when Ryan expresses interest in asking Natalia out.

Apr 20 - CSI: New York--'Run Silent, Run Deep'
Danny's Tanglewood ties come back to haunt him when the team traces a cigarette butt found buried with the skeleton of a man killed fifteen years ago back to him.

Apr 13 - CSI: New York--'Super Men'
While Mac and Stella investigate the murder of a man who dressed up in a costume and fought crime, Danny and Lindsay try to find the killer of an up and coming football star.

Apr 12 - CSI: Miami--'Free Fall'
During the investigation of the shooting of two men, Horatio is surprised to find a connection to a modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

Apr 11 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation -- 'Spellbound'
After a psychic is murdered, a determined detective brings the CSIs a 16-year-old case he believes is connected.

Apr 6 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Unusual Suspect'
The CSI team has to figure out who the real killer is after both a brother and sister confess to the same murder.

Mar 30 - CSI: New York--'Live Or Let Die'
While Stella and Aiden work to catch a rapist turned murderer, Mac and the rest of the team hunt for a liver stolen from a medical helicopter.

Mar 28 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'I Like To Watch'
Grissom and his team are put to the test when they have to deal with being followed by the camera crew of a reality TV show as they track a rapist posing as a fireman.

Mar 23 - CSI: New York--'Necrophilia Americana'
Mac tries to get through to a child who is found at the scene of a brutal murder in a museum; Danny and Flack track the killed of an urban golfer.

Mar 23 - CSI: Miami--'Driven'
The Miami team is on the trail of three men who robbed the patrons of a day spa, leaving one woman mortally wounded.

Mar 17 - CSI: Miami--'Double Jeopardy'
'CSI: Miami' offers a take on the Laci Peterson murder case; in the episode, the husband gets off just as the wife's body turns up, leaving the team to find another way to get him to pay for the crime.

Mar 9 - CSI: New York--'Cool Hunter'
Mac and Lindsay track the killer of a woman who died in the water tower of a 'curse' building while Stella, Hawkes and Danny try to find out who beat a man to death in a playground.

Mar 7 - CSI: Miami--'Collision'
A complicated murder case brings up painful memories of the past for Natalia and Horatio.

Mar 6 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Up In Smoke'
Catherine seizes an opportunity to reopen an old case when the discovery of a body in a chimney grants her access to the house of a photographer who may have been responsible for a teenage girl's disappearance.

Mar 2 - CSI: New York--'Fare Game'
The death of an ADA leads the team into the midst of Water Gun Wars, while Danny and Hawkes must find the killer of a woman who died after dining on unusual fare.

Mar 2 - CSI: Miami--'Deviant'
Alexx is involved tangentially in a murder case when a pedophile living in her neighborhood is murdered; the ME pressures Alexx to leave the day shift.

Feb 13 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Pirates Of The Third Reich'
The murder of Lady Heather's daughter Zoe leads the CSIs to a man conducting sadistic experiments on live human beings.

Feb 8 - CSI: Miami--'Skeletons'
Horatio is under pressure to finally connect the dots and put Resden away when he learns Resden is dating the young woman Horatio has been trying to protect from him.

Feb 6 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Killer'
'CSI' offers up a novel episode in this take on a crime as seen through the eyes of the killer.

Feb 2 - CSI: New York--'Stuck On You'
The host of a party Stella is attending gets shot with an arrow; Danny and Lindsay investigate the death of a music promoter.

Jan 31 - CSI: Miami--'Fade Out'
When a club owner is found hung from a draw bridge with gunshot wounds to both eyes, Horatio and his team are surprised to find the evidence leads back to a screenplay; Ryan finally visits a doctor about his eyesight problems.

Jan 27 - CSI: New York--'Risk'
Danny discovers a body on the subway tracks on his commute home while Stella, Hawkes and Flack investigate the apparent suicide of a commodities trader.

Jan 24 - CSI: Miami--'Silencer'
The Miami CSIs investigate the murder of a PR officer and a gang member who are gunned down by the same shooter while at an outdoor concert.

Jan 23 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Daddy's Little Girl'
During the investigation of the murder of an accountant killed by her own car, Nick is surprised to discover a connection to his own abduction when he learns Kelly Gordon is one of the accountant's clients.

Jan 19 - CSI: New York--'Wasted'
A man's dramatic murder confession doesn't lead to the open-and-shut case the CSIs expect; Mac probes the death of two models at a fashion show, one of whom dies on the runway.

Jan 17 - CSI: Miami--'The Score'
The CSIs are on the case of a man killed at a dating seminar party, while Horatio has to find a way to help Marisol Delko after she's arrested buying marijuana.

Jan 9 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Werewolves'
The Vegas team investigates the murder of a man with excessive body hair who has been killed with a silver bullet.

Dec 22 - CSI: Miami--'Payback'
A man convicted of rape is released based on evidence from Natalia Boa Vista's cold case research, but the case soon becomes hot when the real rapist is found murdered.

Dec 15 - CSI: New York--'Trapped'
Stella and Danny's case hits a hitch when Danny accidentally traps himself in a panic room with the body of a victim.

Dec 13 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Still Life'
The Las Vegas team finds that nothing is as it seems when a frantic young mother claims her son has disappeared from a public park.

Dec 1 - CSI: New York--'Jamalot'
While Mac and Stella investigate the death of a roller derby team member, Danny and Hawkes are on the case of a man whose body was found covered in writing.

Nov 30 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Dog Eat Dog'
Thanksgiving brings new cases for the CSIs when they look into the case of a man who died from overeating and a couple going through a messy divorce.

Nov 29 - CSI: Miami--'Shattered'
After a drug dealer name Delko as one of his clients, Stetler conducts an intense investigation of the beleaguered CSI.

Nov 28 - CSI: New York--'City Of The Dolls'
Mac, Danny and Lindsay look for the killer of a man who fixed broken dolls while Stella and Hawkes try to find out who would poison a dying woman.

Nov 22 - CSI: Miami--'Urban Hellraisers'
After Delko gets caught in the middle of a bank robbery, the CSIs uncover a group of college students acting out a violent videogame.

Nov 21 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'A Bullet Runs Through It, Part Two'
In the conclusion to the first installment, Grissom is allotted the grim task of discovering which police officer accidentally fired the shot that killed Officer Bell.

Nov 17 - CSI: New York--'Bad Beat'
There's more than meets the eye to the murder that happens after a heated game of poker; a weather girl is found dead in Central Park.

Nov 15 - CSI: Miami--'Nailed'
Ryan is hurt at a crime scene after a suspect shoots him in the eye with a nail gun, leaving the CSIs looking for both a killer and Ryan's assailant.

Nov 14 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'A Bullet Runs Through It, Part One'
After an intense shootout involving Sofia and Brass leaves an officer and three suspects dead, the police department comes under fire.

Nov 10 - CSI: New York--'Manhattan Manhunt'
In the thrilling conclusion to 'Miami''s 'Felony Flight,' Horatio and Mac follow Henry Darius, who has kidnapped an heiress from Miami, to New York City.

Nov 9 - CSI: Miami--'Felony Flight'
Horatio Caine and Mac Taylor team up in this crossover episode to pursue serial killer Henry Darius who escapes from custody after crashing the small plane he was being transported on.

Nov 7 - CSI: New York--'Dancing With The Fishes'
Everything is connected when the death of a dancer is linked to the murder of a tram driver.

Nov 3 - CSI: New York--'YoungBlood'
While Stella and Hawkes investigate the murder of a man found in a pond in Central Park, the rest of the team looks into the demise of a man who was fatally shot in an elevator.

Oct 26 - CSI: Miami--'Under Suspicion'
When a woman Horatio has been seeing ends up dead, all the evidence points to Horatio as the killer.

Oct 20 - CSI: New York--'Corporate Warriors'
Two men who work for the same company are found dead in strange ways: one dies in plain sight at a street festival while the other was beheaded at Central Park while sitting on a bench.

Oct 20 - CSI: Miami--'Three-Way'
After a pool boy is murdered, Calleigh, Delko and Ryan are divided by which of the three prime suspects--three friends on a wives weekend--is the killer.

Oct 17 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Shooting Stars'
A group of people who dump a body in a suburban backyard are found dead in a bunker soon afterwards, leaving Grissom and the Vegas team to track down the lone survivor.

Oct 13 - CSI: New York--'Zoo York'
Lindsay Monroe joins the CSI: NY team for an investigation into a man found dead in a tiger's cage while Stella and Hawkes probe the death of a debutante.

Oct 11 - CSI: Miami--'48 Hours To Life'
Horatio has doubts about the guilt of a man Tripp has obtained a confession from for a murder on a boat.

Oct 6 - CSI: New York--'Grand Murder At Central Station'
When one of his team commits a breach of ethics, Mac is forced to fire the CSI.

Oct 6 - CSI: Miami--'Prey'
Echoing the Natalee Holloway case, the Miami team races to find a girl who disappears after a wild night at club.

Oct 4 - CSI: Miami--'Blood In The Water'
In the second outing of 'Miami''s fourth season, the Miami team discovers there's a lot more to a fire on a yacht than meets the eye.

Sep 29 - CSI: New York--'Summer In The City'
Stella and Danny investigate the death of a designer who died wearing a famous bra he created, while Mac and Hawkes work a case that rests on the evidence inside a mosquito in the second season opener.

Sep 27 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Bodies In Motion'
The newly-reunited CSI team investigate a trailer explosion, the murder of a woman outside a mini mart, and two dead bodies in a car trunk in the sixth season premiere.

Sep 20 - CSI: Miami--'From The Grave'
When Horatio tries to hunt down an assassin responsible for a massacre at a funeral, a gang puts a hit out him.

Aug 5 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Weeping Willows'
Catherine goes to a bar to unwind only to meet a handsome man who ends up being a suspect in the murder of two women.

July 21 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Grave Danger'
When Nick Stokes is kidnapped and buried alive, the swing and night shifts unite in a race against time to save him in the Quentin Tarantino-directed finale to 'CSI''s fifth season.

July 9 - Gary Sinise Live In Concert
Mariel Keeran writes about the mid-June benefit performance by 'CSI: New York' star Sinise and his Lt. Dan Band.

June 9 - CSI: Miami--'10/7'
Calleigh comes to a conclusion about her future as a CSI while Horatio must stop a group of bombers his brother, Ray, infiltrated in the show's third season finale.

May 20 - CSI: New York--'What You See Is What You See'
After Mac gets caught in the middle of a shootout in a coffee shop, he's frustrated to learn that the suspect he's pursuing is being protected by the feds.

May 12 - CSI: New York--'The Closer'
A Red Sox fan is killed outside a baseball stadium; Mac goes back to a piece of evidence he collected after receiving a call from a defendant in a murder case.

May 8 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Committed'
When a patient is murdered in a psychiatric ward, Grissom and Sara must determine if the man found with bloody hands in the room with the victim really is the culprit.

May 5 - CSI: New York--'On The Job'
Danny pursues a suspect and gets into a shootout which results in the death of an undercover cop while Stella investigates the death of a young nanny.

May 4 - CSI: Miami--'Recoil'
After opening with a shootout in front of Biscayne courthouse, the episode moves backwards to reveal the custody case that the CSIs are embroiled in.

May 2 - Music Roundup - Run-up to the 2005 May Sweeps
The run-up to the 2005 May Sweeps creates the momentum for the dramatic season finales for CSI. See how they had a part of the tension in this in-depth review.

Apr 30 - CSI: New York--'Supply and Demand'
The CSIs are all on the case of a college student who was murdered in his dorm room in an apparently drug-related killing.

Apr 23 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Hollywood Brass'
Brass heads to sunny LA after his estranged daughter calls him for help in finding her friend and is aided in the search by Warrick and an old love.

Apr 22 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'4x4'
In this unique episode, the 'CSI' team tackles four different cases which dovetail each other--in reverse.

Apr 19 - CSI: Miami--'Killer Date'
After Delko loses his badge, it turns up in a killer's hands; Horatio learns some startling news about his brother.

Apr 14 - CSI: New York--'Crime And Misdemeanor'
Mac and Stella investigate the death of a young woman killed in a diplomat's hotel room while Danny refuses to give up a case that turns out to be an accidential death.

Apr 12 - CSI: Miami--'Sex And Taxes'
Horatio must solve two separate murder cases which both involve the deaths of IRS agents in this episode.

Apr 11 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Spark Of Life'
The Vegas team is surprised when they discover an arson in the forest might be connected to the death of an entire family.

Mar 24 - CSI: New York--'The Dove Commission'
While Mac and Stella must find out who killed a member of a committee looking into police corruption, Aiden must reign Danny in when he has an extreme reaction to the case they're working on.

Mar 22 - CSI: Miami--'Game Over'
Tony Hawk guest stars as a computer game tester whose murder the CSIs must get to the bottom of. Also: a woman Speedle once helped turns to Horatio for aid.

Mar 20 - March Review Roundup: Part One
Miami, New York, and Las Vegas continue their musical changes - or do they?

Mar 7 - CSI: New York--'The Fall'
While Danny and Aiden investigate the death of a Hollywood executive who fell from his balcony, Flack is faced with a fall of another kind when his mentor's integrity is called into question.

Feb 28 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Big Middle'
A man is found dead in the woods, his face blasted away by a shotgun, while another man is found dead in a plush hotel bed.

Feb 25 - CSI: New York--'Hush'
Mac and Stella take on a case involving the gruesome death of a dock worker while Danny and Aiden contend with an irritating detective, an annoying lab tech and human furniture.

Feb 23 - CSI: Miami--'Nothing To Lose'
The second ninety minute episode of 'Miami''s third season sees Horatio chasing a deadly killer who takes one of his team hostage.

Feb 21 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'King Baby'
The Las Vegas CSIs investigate the suspicious death of a man who liked to pretend he was an infant.

Feb 21 - CSI: New York--'Til Death Do We Part'
Mac and Danny investigate the death of a bride who dropped dead at her wedding, while Stella and Aiden look into the murder of a man who chewed off his own hand.

Feb 20 - The February Edition of CSI Music
Lots in store for the music of CSI... as well as an upcoming CSIFiles.com exclusive inverview.

Feb 16 - CSI: Miami--'Identity'
Horatio comes face to face with a former adversary who escaped prosecution the last time the two sqaured off.

Feb 14 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Unbearable'
The deaths of a bear and a young woman who disappeared from her car after a girls' night out challenge the CSIs this week.

Feb 10 - CSI: New York--'Blood, Sweat & Tears'
Elephants, trapeze artists and a clown court--'CSI: New York' goes to the circus after a contortionist's body washes up on shore.

Feb 9 - CSI: Miami--'One Night Stand'
Amid explosions and tense standoffs, Horatio tracks down a counterfeiting operation.

Feb 7 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Nesting Dolls'
Sara finally reveals the truth about her family to Grissom after she goes too far during an interrogation.

Jan 27 - CSI: New York--'Tanglewood'
Mac and Stella take on the next generation of the mob only to learn that Danny's hiding a secret about his past from them.

Jan 22 - The January Edition of CSI Music
Monk vs. CSI: New York while Miami's trend continues

Jan 19 - CSI: Miami--'Cop Killer'
The entire CSI team is on the trail of a cop killer who abducted the teenager riding in the officer's car.

Jan 17 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--"Snakes"
While Catherine and Nick search for the person who decapitated a Hispanic woman, Warrick tries to figure out who killed a telemarketer.

Jan 13 - CSI: New York--'ReCycling'
'New York' goes to the dogs when Mac and Aiden are summoned to find person who killed a dog trainer; Stella and Danny investigate the death of a bike messenger.

Jan 11 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Who Shot Sherlock?'
While Greg works the Case of the Dead Would-Be Sherlock Holmes, Warrick and Nick investigate the mysterious death of a young man who drove his jeep off a ledge.

Jan 10 - Week of January 3, 2005
Duduks, violins, and pianos, oh my! CSI is back and running strong for the first runs of 2005, with something new and old.

Jan 7 - CSI: New York--'Tri-Borough'
Mac and Stella learn that all the cool kids are doing Parkour, Danny shows off his knowledge of art forgeries, and Flack coins a word.

Jan 4 - CSI: Miami--'Shootout'
The CSIs find themselves in the middle of a gang war after a shootout at the hospital between two gang members leads them to another crime, the murder of a gang leader.

Dec 21 - CSI: New York--'Night, Mother'
While Mac tries to find out if a parasomniac committed murder, Danny and Aiden investigate the murder of a man who was beaten to death.

Dec 16 - CSI: Miami--'Addiction'
When a carjacking results in the death of the wife of the man in the car, Horatio's suspicion turns first to him and then to his brothers, with whom he co-owns a business.

Dec 13 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'No Humans Involved'
While Sara and Brass investigate the death of a child in foster care, Warrick and Nick take on their first swing shift case: the beating of an inmate during a prison riot.

Dec 6 - Week of December 1, 2004
A light week for CSI, musically, as two shows take the place of three.

Dec 3 - CSI: New York--'Officer Blue'
After a mounted officer is killed in Central Park by a sniper, Mac must decide whether or not to extract the fatal bullet from the officer's horse, which will likely kill the animal.

Nov 30 - CSI: Miami--'After the Fall'
Several other crimes are uncovered after a man dies when someone falls on him, while Stetler gets a long-sought opportunity to investigate Horatio's behavior when a suspect accuses him of brutality.

Nov 29 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Mea Culpa'
The show's 101st episode brings big changes when Ecklie uses a possible misstep of Grissom's to investigate the night shift team.

Nov 28 - Week of November 22, 2004
Dramatic changes, strong music, and surprises for all make it a great week for CSI.

Nov 26 - CSI: New York--'Three Generations Are Enough'
While Mac investigates the disappearance of a commodities broker, Stella must uncover whether a woman found dead by a church jumped--or was pushed.

Nov 23 - CSI: Miami--'Pirated'
An instance of piracy leads Horatio and company to a case involving cannibalism and racism.

Nov 22 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Ch-Ch-Changes'
'CSI' reaches the one hundred episode mark with this moving episode about the brutal murder of a transgendered woman.

Nov 20 - Week of November 15, 2004
Surprises and musical content go a long way this week, especially for CSI: New York.

Nov 18 - CSI: New York--'Rain'
After a bank robbery leads to three deaths, the CSIs learn that the child of a bank employee was abducted in connection with the robbery.

Nov 16 - CSI: Miami--'Speed Kills'
When a man turns up dead after a night of speed dating, the CSIs turn to his dates that evening to find the killer.

Nov 14 - Week of November 8, 2004
A good week for CSI music-wise brings up the question of how Hans Zimmer may have played a part in it.

Nov 12 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Formalities'
After a teenager is found dead at a penthouse party, the CSIs learn that another girl was abducted from the same party.

Nov 11 - CSI: New York--'Outside Man'
While Danny and Aiden work a multiple homicide at a restaurant, Mac and Stella must track down the owner of a severed leg.

Nov 9 - CSI: Miami--'Crime Wave'
A group of bank robbers intend to use a tsunami headed for Miami to help them pull off a job in this ninety-minute November sweeps episode.

Nov 6 - Week Of November 1, 2004
Chris Fullman looks at New York's 'A Man A Mile' and the original CSI's 'What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?'

Nov 5 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?'
Last seen in season 3, the infamous Blue Paint Killer strikes again, giving the CSIs another chance to crack the case.

Nov 5 - CSI: New York--'A Man, A Mile'
While Mac and Danny try to get behind the Sandhog code of silence to find a miner's killer, Stella and Aiden try to track down the person who stranged a high school student.

Oct 31 - Week of October 25th
Chris Fullman launches CSI Files' new weekly music review column! Features 'Hell Night,' 'Grand Master' & 'Swap Meet'!

Oct 29 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Swap Meet'
While Brass, Grissom and Sara investigate the death of a swinger, Warrick and Nick have a double murder on their hands.

Oct 28 - CSI: New York--'Grand Master'
While MAc and Aiden look into the stabbing death of a DJ, Stella and Danny try to find out who killed a top fashion designer.

Oct 26 - CSI: Miami--'Hell Night'
When the defendant in a murder case ends up dead, the jurors on the case fall under suspicion. Also: Horatio's nephew is implicated in a murder!

Oct 22 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Crow's Feet'
Two cases of poisoning are not what the first seem when a woman dies in a hotel room with odd marks on her body and a man perishes in his house while it is being fumigated for termites.

Oct 19 - CSI: Miami--'Legal'
When a girl is stabbed in the bathroom, the CSIs investigate some of Miami's wealthiest young hipsters.

Oct 15 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Harvest'
The CSIs issue an Amber Alert in the hopes of finding Alicia Perez, who disappeared while playing hooky from school with her sister.

Oct 12 - CSI: Miami--'Murder In A Flash'
A flash mob leads the CSIs to not one but two murders in the fourth episode of 'Miami''s third season.

Oct 8 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Down the Drain'
The CSIs solve one baffling case only to have another fall into their laps in the second episode of the season.

Oct 7 - CSI: New York--'American Dreamers'
Mac and Stella have difficulty discovering the identity of a murder victim when his skeletal remains are discovered on a tour bus.

Oct 5 - 'Under the Influence'
While Horatio doubts the word of a man with a murderous stalker, Calleigh monitors a new CSI who is working on a case involving her father.

Sep 30 - 'Creatures of the Night'
While Stella tracks down a rapist, Mac and Aiden look for a rat with a key piece of evidence in its stomach.

Sep 28 - 'Pro Per'
The life of a young boy, who witnessed his mother's murder is at stake when the killer learns his identity.

Sep 24 - 'Viva Las Vegas'
Greg's first day in the field is almost his last when he compromises a crime scene while working a case with Grissom.

Sep 23 - 'Blink'
The debut of 'CSI: New York''s freshman season has Mac Taylor tracking the brutal murderer of two women.

Sep 21 - 'Lost Son'
Horatio loses one of his team in the exciting, tragic opening of 'CSI: Miami''s third season!

May 25 - 'Innocent'
'CSI: Miami''s second season concludes with Horatio trying to track down a porn star's killer while dealing with sabotage and Internal Affairs officer Stetler.

May 21 - 'Bloodlines'
The CSIs are overwhelmed with suspects when five brothers fall under suspicion in a rape case.

May 20 - 'MIA/NYC--NonStop'
Horatio meets the team of 'CSI: New York' when he follows a killer to the Big Apple.

May 13 - 'Turning of the Screws'
Grissom is suspicious when one of the people apparently died hours before the rest plunged to their deaths in a horrific rollercoaster derailment.

May 12 - 'Rap Sheet'
Horatio investigates a shooting at a rap concert that kills a body guard, while Alexx discovers a not-so-dead body in her morgue!

May 5 - 'Not Landing'
A plane crashes on a beach, and Horatio quickly determines it was no accident.

Apr 20 - 'The Oath'
While Horatio tries to find a police officer's killer, Calleigh helps a battered woman.

Mar 14 - 'XX'
A solid outting of 'CSI' that misses some opportunities in character development, but entertains nonetheless.

Apr 13 - A Night At The Movies
An accidental shooting and two murders are investigated by the CSIs, proving only that life can imitate art.

Apr 6 - Precious Metal
Finding a body in a barrel, the CSI teams investigates the world of competitive robot derbies and finds someone surprising answers.

Apr 5 - Double Cap
Horatio and his team find themselves investigating a murder, which the feds feel could jeopardize their witness' identity.

Mar 27 - Entrance Wound
Horatio and Tim look beyond the fact their tests seem to reveal to find the real killer of a local prostitute.

Mar 21 - Camp Fear
While investigating the death of a young model, Horatio and Calleigh enter the world of tough love boot camps.

Mar 16 - Crash And Burn
While investigating a fatal car crash, Sara disovers that the evidence always leads to the truth, no matter how painful.